Revolution Panel at WonderCon 2013

NBC’s hit series, Revolution, returned from a long hiatus just few short weeks ago and had already given fans the shock of their lives when a beloved character was killed off.

Cast members Zak Orth (Aaron), Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), Billy Burke (Miles), Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie), David Lyons (Monroe), Danielle Alonso (Nora) and Tim Guinee, along with producer David Rambo were on hand at this weekend’s WonderCon 2013 event to host a panel and show sneak peek clips from upcoming episodes.

Here are a few things we learned in the panel:

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead if you have not watched the latest episodes of Revolution.

The theme of the second half of the season is: Get Monroe and make him pay. The first half of Revolution’s first season was all about finding Danny, but now that he has met his tragic end, David Rambo said that the second half of the season will about just one thing: finding Monroe and making him pay

Charlie will have revenge her mind. Charlie is understandably distraught after the death of her brother and Tracy Spiridakos told fans “revenge is on Charlie’s mind.” Spiridakos also said that fans will see a new Charlie as the show continues and that Charlie may have started the series as a “naive girl” but through Miles’ training she has “become a warrior.” With the death of her brother, Spiridakos said that “something had died inside of her.”

As Charlie grows darker, Miles will grow.. lighter? Hold onto your hats, Miles fans, because according to Billy Burke you’re about to see something you’ve never seen of Miles: his softer side. As Charlie grows darker after the death of her brother, Burke said that Miles will actually begin going in the opposite direction. “His soft, gooey parts start to show,” Burke said. Adding that Miles “hates it.”

Episode 13 will be a game-changer. If you’ve been dying to know what caused the power to go out, you won’t need to wait much longer. Rambo promised that the answer to that question will be answered in episode 13. Apparently you can thank creator Eric Kripke for that. “That is the genius of Eric Kripke,” Ramos said. Kripke didn’t want to string fans out any longer and wanted to give them that answer right away.

Aaron’s wife will return. Asked about what will happen with his character as the season progresses, Zak Orth teased that we will see Aaron’s wife return. The reunion won’t necessarily be a happy one. “It goes well-ish,” Orth said.

Monroe has lost what little sanity he had left. In episode 10 fans saw a face-off between Miles and Monroe. David Lyons said that had a huge impact on Monroe. “What Miles says to Monroe snaps the last sinew of sanity” that Monroe had left. Once that’s gone, fans “will see how far he goes.”

Jason will continue to be around more. Asked about the tumultuous relationship between Charlie and Jason, Spiridakos said. “Jason is definitely around more” as the season continues. How close will they get is unclear. “Every time Charlie trusts him, she gets clobbered,” Spiridakos said. Will all that’s happened to her, Charlie is going to be a “little more cautious.”

We will be meeting Miles’ first love. As the season continues, Billy Burke promises that we’re going to meet a new character. We don’t know her name yet, but we do know that she was Miles’ first love.

Billy Burke is apparently a very good kisser. In the special sneak peek video, we saw a pretty hot scene between Miles and Rachel. When asked to comment on what’s going to happen between the two, Elizabeth Mitchell said that she would only reveal the fact that Billy Burke was a very good kisser. Throughout the rest of the panel, many of the other actors decided to turn the comment into a joke and soon all claimed that they too could attest to Burke’s kissing prowess. All of the comments soon prompted Burke to respond. “People have to make babies in the future, that’s all I’m saying,” he said.

We will see Miles and Monroe as kids. David Lyons spoke about an upcoming episode that will flashback to Miles and Monroe in high school and see what the relationship between the two was like when they were kids. Billy Burke commented that the young actors who play them at 17 “are so much better looking” than they are.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Tracy Spiridakos get into trouble on set. Asked about what it was like filming the show, Tracy Spiridakos remarked that she and Elizabeth Mitchell have a lot of fun on set. They laugh a lot at their own jokes, even when others don’t find them funny. They apparently giggle so much that they have gotten the occasional stern look from a director trying to keep filming going.

What do you think now that you’ve heard more about the rest of this season of Revolution? Which story line are you most excited to see?

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