House Of Lies Season 2 Review “Hostile Takeover”

They’re back! Yep, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the office on “House of Lies,” along come the Dushkin Twins, back for more ridiculous mischief. Is it me or should these guys actually be on “Parks and Recreation,” working with Jean-Ralphio, actor Ben Schwartz’s alter ego? Whatever the case, on “Hostile Takeover,” which more than lived up to its name, the Twins were back in town, pushing the silliest of silly ideas, including a cologne that smells like…wait for it…um, how do I put this, actually? Well, let’s just say it’s called “Snatch” and leave it at that, shall we?

I did get a kick out of how everyone kept thinking it was Jeannie, though. (“Is everything okay down there?” LOL.) I’m actually surprised, as low as we’ve sunk in this day and age, that there isn’t something like this already out there. I can’t decide if I should be relieved or not by this.

Moving on, the Twins had designs on being the next Puffy/P.Diddy/Puffy Daddy/whatever he’s calling himself this week, complete with a clothing line, alcohol, and the aforementioned, ahem, “fragrance.” Clyde was skeptical, but used the opportunity to pit the brothers against each other, eventually managing to get a deal out of the ludicrous situation.

Most of the episode, though, was devoted to a bunch of back and forth wrangling on Marty’s part to try and finalize a deal with the nutty Carlson, which he had been prepared to let go until Tamara convinced him otherwise. Then he found out that she had already set up and accepted a deal for herself on the side…in New York, which, if you’ll recall, is where her husband went. Funny how she forgot to mention that.

Marty was not pleased, especially with, um, a backdoor deal on the line (see what I did there?). Actually, he could have still sealed that particular deal, as Tamara didn’t know he knew about her other deal, but astonishingly enough, Marty took the high road, “Cruel Intentions”-style. Oh well. I guess that would have been low, even by his dubious standards, though it would have been the least she could have done under the circumstances.

Marty also gave the nutbar Carlson a taste of his own wacko medicine when he abandoned him in the desert after a little recreational shooting. That was actually a bit extreme, but Carlson is a Grade-A D-bag, so I can’t say I had a problem with it, though Marty stood to make a lot of money on the deal. Still, he always has an out, and in this case, it was a good one, as he went to Carlson rival Mr. Pincus and managed to seal another deal behind Carlson’s back that should give him the money he needs to start his proposed new firm.

So, I guess that Marty and Tamara are done, and Jeannie and Nate are on shaky ground at best, though she didn’t quite end things. I’m kind of on Team Nate there, as discussing your boss’ love life is indeed bad form in the sack. (“Would you prefer that I blow you and keep my mouth occupied?”- well, now that you mention it…)

Anyway, it would seem that they are paving the way for a Jeannie/Marty hook-up for real this time, but don’t forget she’s still got that deal on the table with Julianne. Will she go with Marty or against him? I think with Tamara out of the way, she might just go with Marty after all, though the appeal of having her own team versus continuing to be a team player might be tempting. I guess we’ll find out on next week’s season finale. (Already?)

All in all, a decent episode, I suppose, although once again, there was a lot of plot machinations that were basically only designed to get from point “A” to point “B” and little else. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the stuff with the Twins was delightfully obscene as always, I thought the warped sex scene with Jeannie was interesting, and it was good to see Carlson get his much-deserved comeuppance, so it wasn’t a total wash.

I just wish they devoted more time to the fun, snappy dialogue that made me like the show in the first place. Having the maid repeat Marty’s signature “Shut the f*** up, Doug” line was funny, but it was all a bit secondhand across the board on this episode, with far less quotable lines and way too much deal-finagling. That stuff is interesting to a point, but not at all why I watch the show, you know?

I feel like the show has been a little off this season, though I know some of you think differently. I just don’t want to see it coast too much on its laurels, you know? It’s only the second season, after all. You coast on down the line, not this early in the game, right? Though, with the season ending next week, it’s a little too late to do anything about it, except to hope they go out strong, I hope that when the show returns, it plays to its strengths more next time around.

What did you think of “House of Lies” this week? Was it the same old same old or did you like all the plot-driven goings-on? Did you miss the ever-quotable dialogue a bit this week? Would you buy a bottle of “Snatch” if they actually sold one? Do you discuss work during sex? Is anal always on the table in male-female business deals? (Now that’s a corporate merger, am I right, people?) Let me know what you think in the comments!