The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Welcome to the Tombs”

Well, here we are folks! The Walking Dead concludes its third season tonight with “Welcome to the Tombs”, and we’re finally going to get the big Governor vs. Rick showdown we’ve been waiting for all season, right?! “Arrow on the Doorpost” gave us a nice little taste of this rivalry a couple weeks ago, but ever since we saw the poster for the second half of this season we’ve been waiting to see what happened when these two dynamic leaders went toe to toe! So did our season finale give us what we want? Umm…kinda…

The episode sure got off to a pretty quick start, as our finale notches a quick body count of one as we see Milton get killed. It was good to have such quick confirmation that he was indeed the one that torched all of the pit zombies a couple weeks back, but it seemed odd that they even tried to make that a mystery in the first place. Why not just show Milton’s face as he torched all of the zombies back in the episode “Prey” two weeks ago? Then we would have at least had reason to cheer for him! Now we just get to cheer for him posthumously as he takes a couple knife stabs to the gut courtesy of The Governor.

The Governor continues to go on a tear, as he leads an assault on the prison along with his Woodbury army. The attack on the prison was a bit underwhelming for me, but I suppose that was intentional so as to make the next scene even more powerful. Seeing The Governor just open fire on all of those innocent people, and really for no good reason at all except for annoyance, was one of the darkest things we’ve even seen on this show. I did notice that the majority of these people were shot off camera, so I wonder if the senseless slaughtering of dozens of innocent people was a little too much for AMC to show on-screen. Smashing zombie brains in is less disturbing, I guess.

Andrea’s little side-plot of being stuck in her holding cell with a dying Milton certainly had its suspenseful moments as well, but the pacing seemed very off from the rest of the episode. The Governor left them in their cell together before the credits rolled, and then we go see Rick at the prison, then The Governor talking to his troops, and then we go back to the cell and it looks like about 30 seconds have passed. Milton finally turned and Andrea finally got a hold of those pliers, but we were already 50 minutes into the episode at that point! I guess time stands still when you’re stuck in a small, steel room with a guy turning slowly into a zombie.

If there’s one thing I can say about the end of The Walking Dead season three, it’s definitely that it was…unexpected. This whole season seemed to be leading up to a big showdown between The Governor and Rick, and fans of the comic book are all looking forward to a very big moment in their relationship that I’ve been anticipating seeing how they’ll handle on the show, so the fact that this whole thing fizzled out was really a bit of a letdown for me.

I’ll be interested to see all of the aftermath and interviews of the cast and creators of The Walking Dead after tonight, because it seems like The Governor was a very popular villain this season, and that David Morrissey did such a great job in the character, that I’ll bet they just decided to keep him around for a few more episodes of season four just to get more mileage out of him. I would bet anything that the original plan was to kill him off tonight, so the fact that they didn’t definitely made it feel like we were running in place a bit.

Andrea’s death was definitely very powerful, though. Despite how I felt about Andrea, and how poorly written of a character she’s been for the majority of this series, it’s still very difficult to see such a major character get killed off like that. Part of me was hoping that she would be the one to kill The Governor, as it would go a long way towards redeeming her for all of the flip-flopping and waffling she’s been doing all season with not being sure whether to side with Rick or The Governor. It seems that The Governor got the best of her, as he’s essentially the one that killed her by putting a dying Milton in the room with her. I guess this will put even more fuel in Rick’s fire as he seeks to avenge her death next season.

The final scenes with the Woodbury inhabitants being bussed over to the prison was definitely very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how the main group responds to suddenly having many more mouths to feed next season. I’m very glad that Tyreese is finally getting rolled into Rick’s group, as the two of them have one of the most interesting relationship in the comic books, and I can’t wait to see where that goes next season. Overall I’d say I definitely enjoyed season three quite a bit. Definitely an improvement over season two, and I’d say it’s even more satisfying than the first season in its entirety. I do wish we had some more closure with The Governor, but I guess that’s what next season will be all about! I’ll see you all then!

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Random Thoughts:

– How much do you think Sarah Wayne Callies gets paid to show up and stand in the background and not have any lines?

– I was glad to hear Allen acknowledge that Ben was indeed the one who was shot and eaten by Merle last week.

– For anybody wondering, the Bible that The Governor found was opened to John 5:29. It was a very appropriate verse, but possibly a little too on-the-nose.

– Has AMC officially changed their slogan from “Story Matters” to “Something More”? Or are they just keeping both of them? I noticed the “Something More” during the Mad Men season six promos.