Superman: Unbound – Matt Bomer & Molly Quinn Interviews at WonderCon 2013

Fans of Superman were excited to catch a special screening of Superman: Unbound on Friday night at this weekend’s WonderCon 2013 event. In the film, which is based on the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank 2008 DC Comics release Superman: Brainiac, a destructive force is devastating planets across the galaxy – with Earth next in its sights – and even Superman may not be capable of halting the destruction alone.

Some of the film’s voicecast, including Matt Bomer (Superman), Molly Quinn (Supergirl), as well as eight-time Emmy Award-winning dialogue director Andrea Romano were on hand to host a special Q&A panel after the screening. TV Equals spoke with the cast and director about what fans can expect from the new film. Check out the interviews below.

Be sure to catch Superman: Unbound when it is released on Blu-ray, DVD, OnDemand and For Download on May 7, 2013.