‘Beauty And the Beast’ Hits the Stage at WonderCon 2013

beauty and the beast cw cast

On the first day of WonderCon 2013, one of the bigger panels to be presented was that of the new CW series Beauty And the Beast that stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk in the iconic roles that were made famous in the 1980’s drama on which this new version is based.

As the panel got started, Fanhattan writer Jenna Busch took the stage to welcome the packed audience to the convention and to the panel for the much-buzzed about series that has garnered quite an online following known as “Beasties”.

Without much ado, though, a screening of the upcoming episode “Heart of Darkness” – which is set to air on April 18 (the show is on a three week spring break right now) – was screened much to the delight of the audience. While nothing can be revealed about this intense episode that involves the folks at Muirfield and a dangerous situation for Catherine, Vincent (Jay Ryan) and – most of all – Evan (Max Brown), I can vouch that fans of the show will not want to miss what is in store for all of the characters. And, it should also be noted that the powers that be behind the presentation left the WonderCon audience wanting for more, as only about the first half of the episode was screened so even those of us at the convention will have to tune in to find out what happens.

Needless to say, because of the rushed schedule of WonderCon in general, there was only about 20 minutes for a moderated panel as well as questions from the audience; but once Kristin and series executive producer Kelly Souders hit the stage, they shared what they could about working on the show and handling the reins of the series; but before too much could be said, Kelly made sure to point out the staff who was on hand in the audience as well as the fact that series lead Jay Ryan “really wanted to be here” but he “is having his first baby” and could not make it [congratulations to Jay and his girlfriend, by the way!].

Among the tidbits that the ladies could share include:

• Kristin mentioned that the same stunt woman who she worked with on Smallville is also her stunt woman on Beauty And the Beast; but she (Kristin) has much more involvement (obviously) in the action in the show than during her time on Smallville;
• They are actually a “goofy” cast, as they spend a lot of time behind the scenes joking around and even singing; Kristin shared they will sing the dialogue of whatever episode they are currently filming in “Les Miserables”-style;
• They are continually amazed by the passion of the fans, who – along with the cast – really want to see the show renewed for a second season (which both Kelly and Kristin shared should be decided by the network in mid-May);
• While neither lady would share any specific reveals about what to expect for the rest of the season, they both said that “the action is not going to stop from here on out” (once the show returns on April 18) and viewers will want to “make sure they don’t miss one single episode”, making sure to watch all the way through to the very last moment because there are going to be some :massive reveals and major twists”;
• When asked by an audience member, Kristin shared what she likes best about the character of Catherine is that she is cares deeply about the people in her life that she “will do anything to keep the people she cares about safe even to her own detriment”;
• And, one last note on the power of the fans of this show, Kristin shared that she has “never felt anything like it”; the fans are really “committed to the show”.

Whether you are a casual viewer or a big fan of the series, make sure to tune in to the next new episode of the debut season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ on The CW on Thursday, April 18 at 9/8c.