‘Revenge’ Season 2: What a Tangled Web the Show Weaves

This Sunday, March 31 (Easter Sunday), the last new episode of Revenge, until the end of April, will air on ABC at 9/8c.

The episode entitled “Masquerade” will celebrate Halloween with a “glamorous ball hosted by the Graysons”, making it the “perfect setting for Emily to drag out Victoria’s skeletons”. Meanwhile, “Jack steps up his revenge plan and finds an unexpected ally; and Aidan makes a bold move with a gruesome conclusion”.

What that will mean for us viewers, well, that’s too hard to determine; but it should be one hell of a Halloween in the Hamptons, huh?!

[Source: ABC]

But before that episode airs, let’s take a look at what fans of ‘Revenge’ can look forward to as the sophomore season rolls out, heading toward its two-hour season finale on Sunday, May 12:

• It looks like Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe) will be returning to her naughty troublemaker ways; but will also be haunted by something from her past (or maybe that is someone given what Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) shared with Emily (Emily VanCamp) at the end of last week’s episode?);
• Emily, on the other hand, will flip over to the dark side for the rest of the season, assuredly due to the loss of Amanda (Marguerita Levieva);
• The last of the Initiative storyline has been filmed; and hopefully that means this less-than-popular storyline will be coming to an end (fast, right?!);
• Viewers will be seeing less of Aidan Mathis (Barry Sloane) because Emily will be putting her guard up after Amanda’s death, not allowing people into her life;
• Daniel will be getting some romance from one of the girls (sorry, no reveal on who that will be); and the series will be working to get back to the roots of the characters (like during its debut season);
• Jack (Nick Wechsler) will become distrustful of Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Emily because of, well, that is a secret that no one at the show seems willing to reveal; but he is, obviously, heartbroken over Amanda’s death and that heartbreak will be the driving force behind his revenge (much like what has been driving Emily since she landed in the Hamptons);
• As expected, it’s not all sunshine and roses with Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (even the pretending they have been masterfully putting on for the public), as the couple have some juicy storylines coming up (that, of course, aren’t being revealed either); and,
• The season finale just might be Nolan-centric; and given how monumental last season’s finale panned out to be, the powers-that-be behind the show will have a lot to live up to now won’t they?

Needless to say, regardless of what happens in Sunday night’s episode of ‘Revenge’, a clip of which you can see here, viewers should expect some great twists and turns in the storyline.

Make sure to tune into ABC this Sunday, March 31 at 9/8c for the “Masquerade” episode of ‘Revenge’ and mark your calendars for the show’s return on April 28.