The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “American Gothic”

Well, who woulda thought we would see the day when Katherine is nicer than Elena? ‘American Gothic’ saw The Vampire Diaries folks take over yet another small town in the search for Katherine. Turns out she’s not only made the town her own little blood buffet, but she’s been consorting and cavorting with Elijah. The aim? To have him broker a deal with Klaus: her freedom for the vampirism cure.

But instead of it being a simple case of Katherine playing everyone in sight to achieve her own ends, its revealed that she genuinely does care about Elijah and wants him to continue to care about her. She hands the cure over to him not knowing for sure that he will do as he said and make a deal with Klaus; a situation made even more risky by Rebekah telling Elijah that she wants to be human. Will he cave and give his little sister the cure?

It’s not often that I like Rebekah, but she was great this week. The sheer joy when she woke up ‘human’ and then the horror when she realised she was still a vampire was heartbreaking. (Did anyone else want to slap Damon for trying to kill her so quickly?) Of course, the show had to make Elena’s need for the cure override Rebekah’s desire for it: Elena threatens to keep killing innocent humans if the boys don’t back off and leave her be.

Which would be a pretty good way forward, wouldn’t it? If Elena stalked off a la Katherine and Katherine came to Mystic Falls for a while? It would be intriguing to see how her presence affects everyone, and what it would mean for the Salvatores, seeing her with Elijah. (It would be even more of a trip if Katherine was convinced to take the vampirism cure. A human Katherine and badass vampire Elena? Yesplease. Alas, this probably won’t happen.)

Between the various pairings at work and the mind games being played on Klaus by Silas, this was a fantastic episode. Okay, so the Klaus and Caroline storyline seemed like a contrived way to get them closer and make their relationship a little more amicable, but it still worked and they are always awesome together. Dear TVD, can we have some Klaus/Caroline now? We would be much obliged.

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