Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Review

What do you do on Grey’s Anatomy after the hospital bankruptcy drama is over and the doctors are actually left to treat patients? You blow up a gas tanker!

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy centered on the fallout of a gas tanker explosion, a mother struggling to find a doctor capable of properly diagnosing her son and a pregnant woman with a collapsed umbilical cord. The gas tanker explosion provided my favorite moments of the episode. As a huge Kevin McKidd fan, I love getting a healthy dose of screen time with Owen. Pair him up with an adorable kid worried about his parents and I’m a happy camper. Owen proved capable of doing it all – comforting a worried child, helping patients and calling for a long overdue rotation of the interns.

Guest star Sarah Chalke, best known for her portrayal of one of the Beckys on Roseanne and Dr. Reid on Scrubs, played a mother (Casey) struggling to find a doctor to properly diagnose her child. I liked how the writers used a cute moment between Derek, Zola and Meredith as a set up for Meredith being the only doctor at Grey Sloan who didn’t think that Casey was insane. Thanks to Casey’s persistence and Meredith using the perks of owning a hospital, Parker was finally diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Notably, Chalke pulled from her own personal experience, as her own child was diagnosed with the disease too.

The awkward moment of the night definitely went to April as she walked in on her ex-boyfriend treating what appeared to be butt wounds on her current boyfriend. Nice. Equally awkward was the moment when Matthew told April he loved her. I think April is in love – with Jackson. This relationship will not end well. Poor Matthew. He seems like such a nice guy. He shielded a kid during the tanker explosion with his body!

Although I wouldn’t count this as one of my favorite episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, it certainly had its moments. What did you think of this week’s show? Sound off below!