Doctor Who Tag: 7 Questions on Doctor Who

Who is excited for to see the new episode of Doctor Who airing tomorrow at 9 pm on BBC America? I know you can’t tell me but my hand is up

Since we have to wait until a little longer to see the new episodes featuring the new mysterious companion Clara, I decided to do a YouTube Tag on Doctor Who.

What is a YouTube tag you ask? It’s a Q&A video where a fan of the show can answer a series of questions on a specific series so that other people can know a little bit more about their love for the series.

Here is the list of questions used in this video:

1. Doctor Who in One word
2. Describe the first time you watched Doctor Who?
3. Favorite Season
4. Favorite Episode
5. Favorite memory
6. How Has Doctor Who Changed Your Life?
7. Who is Your Favorite Companion? Rose, Martha, Donna or Amy?
5. David Tennant or Matt Smith?
6. Which character would you want to be?
7. How do you want the show to end?

Please feel free to share your own answers to these questions either in the comments below or in the form of a video response.

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