Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Partners in Crime”

In this week’s Beauty and the Beast, the truth about Vincent was revealed to Tess. ‘Partners in Crime’ saw Vincent and Cat in turn attempt to explain the situation — and Vincent’s involvement with all those cases — with no real success. It wasn’t until Vincent saved Tess’ life that she agreed to give him a chance and rekindled her friendship with Cat.

It was an enjoyable episode, overall. Gabe continues to be suspicious and vaguely creepy, and he clearly knows more than he’s letting on about the vigilante and Cat’s involvement in the case. I still think her ‘source in Rikers’ lie will come back to haunt her — Gabe seemed quite interested in why Cat was being evasive when asked about that.

The only really irritating thing this week was Cat’s insistence that Tess only thinks in shades of black and white, even if she did take it back in the end. Thankfully Tess pointed out that she obviously does think in shades of gray because she’s schtupping her married boss, which was what I’d been thinking the whole damned episode. For a cop, Cat sure does miss the obvious sometimes.

A plus in this episode was that they finally addressed why Vincent hasn’t upped and left the state yet. It would go some way towards solving his Muirfield problem, after all: if they can’t find him when he’s brazenly walking about New York, what chance would they have if he left the state? But this week he explained that he had been sticking around because of Cat. I’m not enough of a shipper to like this explanation, but it makes sense and is somewhat romantic.

The Evan/Cat/Vincent love triangle looked like it was about to become a thing again, in as much as Evan was going to start making eyes at Cat in earnest, but the ending may have nixed that as Evan now knows Cat is hiding something huge. It was quite a surprising ending, actually. After all that work to make people think Vincent-the-vigilante is dead, he decides to go making inhuman leaps from fire escapes in the most obvious way possible. Someone needs to teach that boy the meaning of stealth.

Overall, a pretty good episode that gears up for the end of the season quite well. Who will be the primary antagonist going forward — Gabe or Evan? Or will they end up joining forces? Only time will tell…

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