Whitney Season 2 Review “Cake, Cake, Cake”

On the second of two episodes of “Whitney,” and the final of the season- possibly the final episode, period, as the show has yet to be renewed- “Whitney” continued with the guest stars, this time featuring Chelsea Handler, who helped put Cummings on the map with her frequent appearances on her talk show. Handler returned with her recurring gig as Whitney’s therapist, Dr. Price.

Is it me, though, or is Handler oddly wooden in her non-E! acting appearances? I’m certainly a fan of her show, “Chelsea Lately” and the meta-comedy “After Lately,” but beyond that, it gets a little iffy. I mean, I did moderately enjoy her in “This Means War” to a certain extent, but let’s face it, her sitcom, “Are You There Chelsea?” was dead on arrival, though it probably didn’t help that she didn’t even play herself!

I think anyone’s who’s ever read Chelsea’s books would agree that she should have gone the Showtime or HBO route with that one- or at least FX. The trashier she is, the funnier, and you just can’t do that on network TV, though Lord knows Cummings certainly pushes boundaries of good taste sometimes, especially on her sister show, “2 Broke Girls.”

Here, Cummings had Handler engulf a sizeable portion of cake- hence the title of the episode, “Cake, Cake, Cake.” Because, you know, that sort of wackiness is cray-cray and oh so funny! Umm…no.

To be fair, Handler didn’t have much to work with here, with the likes of lines such as: “The one thing that will never ever disappoint you is cake” and “I don’t usually don’t come over to my patient’s house for drinks, but I’m an alcoholic.” Actually she had one funny line, when Whitney told her she didn’t need a therapist anymore and she said: “I actually realized that two years ago, but I had to redo my bathroom.” Now that’s funny.

The rest, not so much, although I did like Chelsea’s revelations of Whitney and Alex’s nicknames for one another: she called him “Princess” and he called her “McRib.” Beyond that, kind of meh. Sorry, Chelsea, I still love you!

Aside from that, the rest of the episode wasn’t so bad, as Mark and Roxanne finally got together, after he dated a girl named Lulu (foxy/cool Ginger Gonzaga, late of FX’s “Legit”) and she got jealous: “I’m sorry about the way I acted the other day with Lulu, but to be fair, her name does mean ‘toilet, toilet’.” After a little stalking in the park, the two finally engaged in a long-time-coming smooch.

We also got to see Lily smack Roxanne across the face (“Roxanne! Stop being yourself!”), Whitney drop the “F”-bomb (censored, of course, but still), and thankfully, were spared the sight of Dr. Price’s claim that she could “pee standing up.” Ick!

But my favorite moments by far were the ones between Alex and Whitney. Even if the show doesn’t get renewed another season, it was nice to see the scenes where Whitney realized for the first time she might actually be- gasp!- happy. It was also the first time I felt the show truly succeeded in melding the dramatic with the funny in an ideal mix of both without taking away from either. It was appropriate then, that the show, and possibly the series, should end with the following tongue-in-cheek exchange:

Whitney: “If you ever try and leave me, I’ll just kill you.”
Alex: “If you ever try to leave me, I’ll kill us both.”
Whitney: “That is so sweet.”
Alex: “I hate you.”
Whitney: “I hate you, too.”

And that, dear friends, is what they call a happy ending in “Whitney”-land. Will the show get one in real life? That remains to be seen, but at least it went out on its own snarky terms, wonderfully bitter to the end.

What did you think of the final episode of “Whitney” this season? Was it enough to make you want it back for another season? Or should they quit while they’re ahead? Let me know what you think in the comments!