Whitney Season 2 Review “Alex, Meet Lily”

In the first of two episodes of “Whitney” tonight serving as the season finale- and possibly the series finale, if the show doesn’t get picked up next season- we had a decent look at one of my favorite characters on the show, Lily, played by the sexy redhead with the cool name, Zoe Lister Jones. Kind of sounds like a 70’s blaxploitation heroine, am I right?

Granted, she’s pretty much the opposite of that on this show, but on “Alex, Meet Lily,” we got to know Lily a bit better, and I for one would totally date her. (Yes, I realize I’m talking about a fictional character. Can’t a man have his manic pixie dream girl in peace? Damn!)

For one thing, who knew she was a huge horror fan? I am, too, and I appreciated all the in-jokes and references to the genre throughout the episode, just as I appreciated the ones they made in the cabin in the woods a few weeks back. Someone on the writing staff is clearly a horror fan. My favorite was Lily’s declaration that “All work and no play make Lily a dull girl,” although “Come into the light, Carol Anne” was a close second.

I also got a kick out of Whitney’s dismissal of “The Exorcist”: “”If I wanted to see a girl’s head spin around while she projectile vomits and curses God, I would watch Roxanne’s 30th Birthday video.” LOL.

Whatever the case, shame on Alex for hooking Lily up with…Paul Scheer? What the what? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love “The League” as much as the next guy, but boy is this guy out of his with her. (See what I did there?) Regardless, I would happily take out that “broke, desperate…beautiful Stephen King fan” anytime. Gotta love those redheads.

Beyond that, a few funny bits with Mark and RJ, who were competing over darts the entire episode. At one point Mark actually told RJ: “20 bucks says I’m gonna kick your ass and have my way with it…wait.” Funny stuff, great delivery. Mark’s growing on me.

Later on, he accidentally threw a dart into Roxanne’s back, prompting her non-plussed delivery of the following line: “Oh my God! That is not where things that go in me go!” Love it.

My only real complaint was that they basically wasted two gifted comedians in the aforementioned Scheer and “Chelsea Lately”-regular Loni Love, who played a nurse that attended to Roxanne’s dart issues. Scheer didn’t really have a single good line, and Love had one, maybe, when Roxanne told her to go ahead and give her a tetanus shot after Mark talked her down with an inspiring football-themed story and she quipped: “I already did. Just waiting on Rudy to finish his story.” More of a chuckle than a laugh, really, but who doesn’t love a good “Rudy” joke?

A few other good lines here and there, beyond that. I liked Whitney’s promise to Alex that she’d “stop reminding you about errands during sex” (!) if he’d take Lily out with him and her plea to Roxanne to “do that raccoon impression to distract Mark” when he was shaming RJ in darts, followed by Roxanne’s puzzled reply: “That wasn’t an impression. I was crying and eating nuts.” Classic Whitney.

I also liked Alex’s defense when Lily confronted him about telling her date she was poor: “I said that you were in between…money.” You & me both, honey. I also cracked up when Whitney quoted Beyoncé in “girl power” solidarity: “To the left, to the left…” Ha!

All in all, the better of the two episodes that aired that night, though I liked the next one for more sentimental reasons, too, as it may well be the last. You can find my review of that one here. It’s kind of a shame the show got better towards the end of its run, as I fear that it may have scared some people off long before that, if the internet nastiness is any indication. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Until then, a pretty solid episode of “Whitney,” I thought. How about you? What did you think of “Alex, Meet Lily”? One of your faves, or just business as usual? Let me know in the comments!