Prisoners’ Wives Series 2 Episode 3 (BBC) Review

Before next week’s big finale of Prisoners’ Wives series two, things have to naturally reach their lowest point for each of the four women. That certainly happened in this penultimate instalment, with the lives that have been threatening to collapse of the last three weeks finally crumbling under the various pressures imposed upon them by difficult situations.

Francesca actually gets a break before it all comes crashing down, gaining control over her life and the lives of her kids just before the detective informs her of the “rapidly developing case” being built around her and her family. We knew it couldn’t last as soon as she started supporting her son’s drug dealing ‘Saturday job’ – providing him with new sim cards and enrolling him at a new school. After he was caught dealing at the end of last week, Paul’s blame and judgement pushes Francesca into a little independence, and her break from routine ironically leads trouble right to their door.

Meanwhile, Kim already has that problem and its here that time on her little secret runs out. Unable to bring herself to visit her husband and explain about the affair herself, it’s left to her solicitor to spill the beans and it looks as though, even if he turns out to be innocent (which is looking increasingly likely), that their family has been irrevocably damaged by the ordeal. Even her son knows about her little indiscretions, and the pressure of it all leads her to a bottle of vodka in the middle of the day. It was good to see a more sympathetic side to the neighbour instead of the pantomime villain, but a part of me wishes that Jaden had been telling the truth.

Aisling’s in the most heartbreaking story of the week, as the doctors discover a tumour on her dad’s lungs. Walking out on her douchebag fiancé to see him, it’s lovely to see them reconcile before he sadly dies on the operating table. Now we know what the point of her somewhat lacklustre storyline was, with the respect that her dad had gathered from prison residents and staff alike taking her aback as she went to collect his things. I’m not entirely sure what will happen with her next week, but I guess she’ll now be embroiled in Francesca’s story as her relationship with the son develops.

And lastly we have Harriett, whose romance with the Chaplin is developing quite nicely. That is until Gavin comes up with another misguided scheme to fit in with his friends. After telling her to not visit him again after their fight last week, he’s surprised to see her turn up on the same day as a knife smuggler the other prisoners had arranged. Having seen what’s going on, Harriett is compelled to tell the Chaplin and Gavin’s fear and panic hits a boiling point when he discovers who his mum has been dating.

Will their relationship be able to survive now that Gavin has come between them in such an extreme way? I really hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see. What did you think of the episode? How do you think Francesca’s story will resolve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.