Lightfields Series 1 Episode 5 (ITV) Review

Isn’t it funny how weeks and weeks of well-thought out, engaging drama can be completely derailed by one misstep at the very end? Some people might love this final episode of Lightfields but I’m here to say that I wasn’t really one of them. Its fine, in terms of drama and character resolution but, this isn’t a soap opera, it’s a ghost story. At least, I thought it was.

In terms of drama and tension, two thirds of this final instalment were a belter. In the 40s Dwight appeals to Lucy’s father for forgiveness and almost gets a hammer to the head, in the 70s Vivien finally decides that getting answers is worth taking her own life, and in 2012 the battle for Luke’s soul (or custody at least) finally reaches a crescendo. It’s great stuff, with some genuinely creepy appearances from Lucy’s ghost more than making up for the lack of supernatural action we’ve seen thus far.

But my problem was with the answers we got, since there was nothing particular surprising, shocking or revelatory. There wasn’t even a final showdown, the closest we got being Vivien’s realisation at the barn wreckage. What we learnt in this finale was how nice of a ghost Lucy was – she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but just trying to set their minds at ease. As far as we know, she hasn’t even been haunting Tom, who is revealed to be her real killer (albeit by accident), and just wants everyone to be happy and healthy.

And she got her wish, as we leave the three families in peaceful times, the mystery of Lucy’s ghost put to rest over a nice cup of tea. It may be the most British way to end things, but it certainly wasn’t the most satisfying way for this viewer. Where was the action, the payoff? Even Luke’s dad decided that he would back off after a near-accident caused by Lucy’s apparition, and apparently Vivien and her husband can now live happily ever after with her mental illness subdued. I sat there waiting for the other shoe to drop, sure that there would be a twist in the final moments.

But the twist didn’t come, and I’ll admit that this happy ending somewhat ruins the rest of the series for me. I was sure there would be some big surprises in this finale that I could take away and think about for days afterwards, but the person I thought it would be (or at least in my top two) was the person it was, and he wasn’t even doing it maliciously. I might be a glutton for trauma and destruction, but to have the only death be Dwight’s – which seemed like an accident – was a big letdown after weeks of intrigue and furious theorising.

Maybe I misunderstood the point of the series as a whole, and it was really about families coming together and sharing in each other’s grief in a healthy way. With so few real scares before the end of last week, that would make some kind of sense, but the ending still left me underwhelmed. It shouldn’t ruin the rest of the series for me but, as is the way with all good mystery shows, the ending has to blow you away for anything else to matter. With this being the resolution, very little actually happened.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like the ending more than me? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.