Survivor: Caramoan Review “Tubby Lunchbox”

Survivor: Caramoan kept truckin’ along tonight with the amusingly titled episode “Tubby Lunchbox”. We’re already to day 17 on the island, and we start the installment as we always do with the losing team returning from tribal. I was really bummed that Matt went home last week, and it looked like most of his tribe agreed with me. It’s always a bummer when nice guys get voted out so quickly, but he was just on the wrong side of an alliance.

We get quickly to the reward challenge, as we have another classic Phillip moment. Now I’ve personally always enjoyed Phillip, as I find his bumbling confidence and “Stealth R’ Us” stuff hilarious, but I can totally see why some people hate him after tonight’s challenge. It was hilarious that he kept denying that he was the one who didn’t want to run, saying things like “The women will tire”, and took a long time to finally admit that he was tired. Man, you can’t make this stuff up!

And the Phillip craziness didn’t end there! After losing the immunity challenge, he actually claimed to Cochran that he lost on purpose! Wow. I think Cochran is completely right: Phillip is so disillusioned that he actually believes what he’s saying!

Speaking of Cochran, I really think that he’s the unsung hero of tonight’s episode. I remember Cochran being funny and clever in his season, and his large vocabulary and sharp wit definitely provide for some good humor, but he has been on fire this season! His rant today against Julia was absolutely hilarious, as he says that saying she has a vanilla personality is “A disservice to the flavor of vanilla”. He’s definitely correct in that Julia seems to be completely devoid of any personality, and I’m pretty sure tonight was the first time we’ve even seen her in an interview. Flying under the radar is one thing, but being completely worthless and doing absolutely nothing is another.

It appears that her tribe agreed with me, as she becomes the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Caramoan. Revotes are very rare at tribal council, and this is already the second one that we’ve seen this season! This is really shaping up to be a great game, so I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Phillip’s crazy antics? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I love all of the mugging to the camera that Cochran and Dawn do behind Phillip’s back. You blink and you miss it, but it’s so hilarious how the Survivor cameras manage to capture these small moments all the time.

– Phillip mispronouncing people’s names is always hilarious, going all the way back to his season when he frequently flubbed Francesca’s name, but I also love how he mispronounced “faux pas” today as “foo pah”. His mispronunciations remind me of Virginia Chance from Raising Hope.

– Since when is Phillip such a big fan of Boston Rob? Remember how much he hated him when they played together? Remember how mad he got with the whole “crispy rice” incident? Now he’s not only complimenting him, but giving him the nickname “BR”!