Suburgatory Season 2 Review “Brown Trembler”

Towards the tail end of season one, just when everyone had started to feel really good about Suburgatory, Emily Kapnek introduced Eve into our world as a love interest for George. After spending the majority of the year crafting this wonderful father-daughter dynamic, the show decided to toss it aside for the final stretch of episodes while George pursued this overbearing woman who did her best to be anything but charming. Now, with the end of season two fast approaching, Kapnek seems to be taking a similar approach. She’s taking up up time that could be used to showcase the best relationships on the show and using it to forward the agendas of characters the audience has little need to care about. What results is an entire episode that is simply incomprehensible because it makes ZERO sense to focus all the storytelling juice on two bit players.

I’m pleased that it appears we have finished our Noah storyline. As a cartoonish buffoon, he’s functional as George’s country club companion. As a regular storyline presence, he doesn’t work. In order for that to change, Kapnek either needed to have us get to know him better or allowed him to seem sympathetic. The show has done neither one of those things for Noah. He remains the same cartoonish buffoon, but now he’s a divorced cartoonish buffoon. I can only hope tonight’s episode is a real end to his storyline.

Equally perplexing is the show wasting Jane Levy on a storyline where she prepares Fred Shay to interview for a promotion. Fred Shay is a perfectly enjoyable character, but not in this setting. Unlike the Noah debacle, this storyline is something that could have been a useful storyline to utilize in one of the next handful of characters. Instead, the storyline gets paired with the increasingly maddening Noah Werner storyline.

With only five episodes left, the show still has time to give the people what they want. Now that they’ve spent some time with some lesser characters, here’s hoping the show very shortly returns to the relationships that formed the core of this show this season.

What did everyone else think of tonight’s episode?