My Favorite Bear the Dog Moments on Person of Interest

Bear, Reese and Finch - Person of Interest

Person of Interest is currently on a two week hiatus due to March Madness. During this short break, I would like to reflect on one of my favorite characters on the program – Bear the Dog! Bear first appeared in the season 2 episode “The Contingency.” He has been in just about every episode since, playing an important role either working in the field with the team or in the library with Finch. Because he is now a part of the team, he has many memorable moments. I have picked my top 4 moments to talk about.

As an aside, I would also like to make note of the fact that there are many TV shows that use dogs as regulars or as guest stars, and is it just me, or do these dogs have unusually expressive faces?

Bear’s Introduction to the Show

Bear - Person of Interest

When we first met Bear, he was working for a group of white supremacists, who acquired him as partial payment for a debt. At that point, his name was Butcher. He was snarling and barking at John, Leon and Lionel, who were all being held captive.

Reese, being a former international spy and all as he reminded Finch recently, not only learned to play Baccarat during that time, but also picked up a few languages as well as knowledge of military dogs. He immediately recognized Butcher’s breed and knew some important facts about him that were unknown to his then owners. Bear “speaks” Dutch, having been trained as a military dog. What a great moment it was when Reese has Bear save their bacon by issuing a series of commands in Dutch and thus allowing them to escape unharmed!

Bear Moves in with Finch

Bear - Person of Interest

Bear lives with Finch at the Library, because Reese’s apartment will not permit dogs. Finch was not exactly happy about this, but grudgingly agreed to allow it. Their relationship got off to a rocky start, since it seems that Bear has a taste for rare first edition books, which really was no surprise since he got his new name from Reese because he ate a bag full of bearer bonds!

Finch resisted getting attached to Bear, trying at first to ignore him while he worked. Bear, however, being an intelligent dog, persevered by persistently trying to engage him in play and finally won Finch over to his side. They are now good friends.

Bear the Protector and Companion

Finch and Bear - Person of Interest

At the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2, Finch experienced a terrible trauma when he was kidnapped by the villainous Root. As a result, he suffered from PTSD, and the presence of Bear was a large factor is his recovery.

Finch was afraid to leave the Library for a time after he was rescued, but with the help and accompaniment of Bear, he was finally able to be out and about. Had it not been for Bear, Finch would likely still be fearfully confined to the Library.

Bear’s Joy at Seeing John Return from Prison

Bear and Reese - Person of interest

Bear is very attached to both John and Finch. In particular, since John speaks Dutch, Bear likely sees him as the pack leader and when John was away for an extended period while in prison, Bear missed him a lot.

When John finally returned to the Library, Bear greeted him very enthusiastically, and the two of them fell on the floor playing affectionately – it was a truly heart-warming moment, underscoring the affection they feel for each other!


So there you have them, my top 4 Bear moments. What are your favorite moments for this hard working dog? Please let me know in the comment section below – I love hearing from you!

  • Your selections were great. All wonderful moments. I also like seeing Bear in action. In eppy COD, watching Bear attack the baddie in the bar when he threatened Finch and in All In when they rescued Leon. Bear is a Jewel in the Ruff.

    • ptjackson

      LOL…. great pun! Yes, every time he is on screen is really a great Bear moment – when I saw him and John come through that hotel room door to rescue Leon, I smiled! And, when he is protecting any member of the team, it is great to watch.

      Thanks for your comments!

  • marleenandlouie

    I love this show so much! And when they added Bear, well, it took it up to an even higher plane which I didn’t think was possibe. This show Never Disappoints, is never weak and is always great! It’s in my top 3 that I never miss and I can’t understand why it is not on all the critics lists for top programs and gets all the awards (or at least the nominations)

    • ptjackson

      Hi! I so totally agree with you! I love this show, and also wonder why it is not getting more action and acclaim. It is appointment TV for me too.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Just saw the OFFICIAL renewal of POI for Season 3! YAHOOO!

    • ptjackson

      Woo hoo!!!!

  • Starfan

    I have only recently found out about the show and have not seen any Bear as of yet. I enjoyed reading about him though. Dutch for military dogs, interesting. I wonder what kind of breed Bear is? In the face he reminds me of German Sheppard, but not the body. Beautiful dog,

    • ptjackson

      According to a website I was reading: “Bear is played by a pair of working line Belgian Malinois named Graubaer’s Boker (who also has his own Facebook page) and Midas van’t Rietje.” There is another interesting page on Schutzhund, which ” Boker has his IPO3 which is a schutzhund title” – has to do with the type of training they do.

      Yes, he is a beautiful dog! According to the Person of Interest Wiki on Bear, “Bear has appeared in every episode of Season 2 except “2πR” and “Booked Solid”.” So, if you watch you will likely see him!

      Thanks for your comments!

    • meinona

      I’m sorry to say the producers/writers/whatever f*ck-up. In the episode they say the dog commands are in ‘Dutch’. But this is wrong, they are in “deutsh” (wikipedia: Deutsch is the German language word for German). Schutzhund is german for protection dog. Dutch is the language that is spoken in the country to the left of Germany, which is the Netherlands, aka Holland.

      • ptjackson

        Hi! Thanks for your comments. I am no dog expert, and try to not rely on web sources alone for my info, since there can be errors, but Bear is of the breed Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois), and Belgium has three official languages, one of which is Dutch, so it is possible they were correct about the Dutch part. I agree that Schutzhund is German, but it only speaks to the type of training which started with German shepherds.

        Here is a non wiki website that says the training is in Dutch:

        • Karel Boogaards

          This IS a Belgian Malinois, yes.
          And I had to replay the scene about 20 times, but Reese really does speak Dutch. Be it VERY VERY VERY bad Dutch.

          What he says is “Foei! Stil!” and “Afliggen!”
          (Very) freely translated this means “Bad boy! Quiet!” and “Lie down!” although in dog training typically they wouldn’t use “Afliggen!”, but simply “Lig!”.

          Oh, and Belgium doesn’t have three official languages, but two. Flemish and French. Flemish is like Dutch (so the language they speak in the Netherlands, not to be confused with Deutsch, which is German, which they speak in … exactly, Germany!).

          • ptjackson

            Thank you for the additional information!

  • Het Andere Rood Wit Blauw

    The language used to give the dog commands is German, I can’t believe the show could make such a basic mistake.

    Source: Ik woon in Nederland, en ik ben geen stomme Amerikaan.

    The breed is Belgian, but the language is obviously German, which as “meinona” mentions, is Deutsch is in the native German tongue.

    Here endeth this very basic lesson

    • Karel Boogaards

      And I had to replay the scene about 20 times, but Reese really does speak Dutch. Be it VERY VERY VERY bad Dutch.

      What he says is “Foei! Stil!” and “Afliggen!”
      (Very) freely
      translated this means “Bad boy! Quiet!” and “Lie down!” although in dog
      training typically they wouldn’t use “Afliggen!”, but simply “Lig!”.

      Source: Ik ben ook een Nederlander en ik spreek vloeiend Nederlands EN Duits, en ik ben ook geen stomme Amerikaan (en ik heb ook geen stereotyp vooroordeel).