HBO Releases In-Depth Look At Upcoming News Series ‘Vice’

Vice magazine is bringing its no-holds-barred style of journalism to HBO this April. The news series will tell in-depth stories from all around the world, covering everything from political assassinations in the Philippines to interviews with child suicide bombers to smaller stories like the sumo/mixed martial arts craze in Senegal. Bill Maher, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti serve as executive producers.

HBO has released an extended preview of Vice detailing the series’ mission statement and introducing its intrepid team of reporters. For a closer look at the series, check out the video below.

Vice premieres Friday, April 5th at 11PM on HBO.

  • Guest

    april fools!

  • Gary DiNardo

    If this is real……I’m hoping the show will also expose some of the horrendous things that are being done to animals. Go head and call me a misanthrope, but I KNOW what’s going on, although I didn’t gt ANY information on it from “Real Time”.

  • wow, looking forward to it if it’s real.

  • Is it just me, or is this just nothing more than Nihilistic Americans pretending the arrogance of a ghost hunt (journalism), turning death, destruction, and torture into entertainment? How cynical. Yes, let us muse about these terrible things in the world, and shrug at them as we go.

    • erniepf

      Yep, just you. Stick to Buckwild or other reality shows that have a rampant amount of stupidity embedded in them.

      • Don’t base a false assumption on a fear of blind consumption. And that you honestly think a red herring explains my position more or less just proves to me that you’d rather everyone like the show than hate it. Move on.

    • JJ

      Yes, stupid Americans (despite the fact the show is made by Canadians)

      • Oh, well thank you for informing me. So I was wrong about the nationality, but the sentiment? It’s still the same, and nobody has disputed that so far.