NCIS Season 10 Review “Squall” – McGee Faces His Own Set of Daddy Issues

NCIS Season 10 Episode 19 Squall

In this episode of NCIS, called “Squall,” McGee joins the long line of other agents on Gibbs’ team who have had to deal with their daddy issues (and their daddies) while on a case.

You know how I know it’s a great episode of NCIS? When my hands are tired after barely keeping up with typing all of my favorite bits once it’s over. This is going to be another one of those reviews where I will sadly have to edit down some of them just so I don’t end up with a review of epic proportions.

Then again, what more can really be said about this episode other than the fact that I loved it? Thanks to this season, my list of favorite episodes has grown by leaps and bounds and yes, I have definitely added this one to that list. It’s kind of amazing to me that all the members of Gibbs’ team have had issues with their fathers (even Gibbs himself) and yet all of those issues were very different from each other.

Other than the fact that a case usually brings the old man back into the agent’s life, everything else about the relationship with each father is as different as every member of the team. That and the fact that the relationship was already rocky. Not everyone has even had a reconciliation like Gibbs and Tony (sort of) had. Poor Ziva’s father died before they could really get a chance to be close and I really hope that doesn’t happen to McGee.

The Admiral was a man that was so utterly hate-able toward his son that when we did find out he was sick, I almost for one second was glad. I mean, how sick is that? But I loved that, with a little gentle nudges from Gibbs, McGee did take steps to reconcile with his old man. Maybe the two can make things right before it is too late. Considering how ill the Admiral is, I wonder if that means we’ll see him again soon. Now that their relationship is on the mend, I hope we get to see it played out – even if its conclusion is a sad one.

My favorite bits…

The look Ziva gave Tony when he changed the channel.

The way Ziva said “Chelsea.”

“Yes, I’m quite aware you’ve hit quite a dry spell recently.”
“Like Lawrence of Arabia.” – Wait. Again? Wow, poor Tony.

Aw, McGee is a Big Brother. If we knew that already, I must have forgotten. Too cool.

Yay! Stan is back. Love him.

McGee knowing exactly how late he was, down to the minute.

“I love when he’s late.” Tony

Everyone staring when Palmer made another one of his awful jokes.

“Understandable, but I have someplace to be.”
“Been hearing that my whole life.” – Yikes. Let the angst begin!

McGee defending his grandmother to his dad.

Wow, the Admiral doesn’t waste any time attacking his son, does he?

“No, Mom cared. Your family was the Navy.”
“Still is, boy.”

Gibbs putting the Admiral in his place. You tell him, Gibbs!

“I think you should let Tim know.”
“That I got his back, Leon? I always have.”

“So Agent Burley was Agent DiNozzo before Agent DiNozzo was Agent DiNozzo.”

“The thing to remember is that we are all but one Stan Burley away from reassignment.”

The way Gibbs kept staring at Palmer after he made the “eye of newt” remark.

Stan telling Tony that maybe he should start a new chapter in his life, too.

Tony’s frustration when he saw Wyeth taking off.

Tony and Stan taking Wyeth down together. They make a great team.

The look on Tony’s face when Wyeth didn’t know who Sid Vicious was.

Tony doing the wiggly fingers thing again.

Abby running up and repeatedly stabbing her dummy.

Abby suggesting to McGee that he should stand up to his dad.

Gibbs watching approvingly as McGee gave Adam great advice.

An overpaid paper-pusher? Oh, this dude is going DOWN.

“As a Navy officer and as a father, you should be proud of what your son has accomplished.” Yeah! Go Vance

Gibbs telling McGee that him being a Big Brother was a good thing to do.

The Admiral coming so close to real emotion when talking about McGee’s fifth birthday.

“What was it you used to say to me when I was shipping out?”
“Watch out for the bad guys.”

“Now’s not a good week to poke the Beaver.”

“I guess your Engineers trump by Buckeyes.”
“Go Bucks!” – Wait, Stan’s a Buckeye, too? Wow they really are a lot alike.

Tony noting that he, Gibbs and Ziva all had drop-ins with dads and there was no reason to beat around the bush. Loved Tony giving McGee advice from another son with a disappointing father.

“These things take time. McGee should be happy they still have time.”

“I’m gonna go poke my mannequin some more. That didn’t sound right.”

The Admiral admitting that he was really sick. Uh oh.

McGee silently crying outside of interrogation. That single tear killed me.

Tony kind of losing it when Vance offered to let him use his chair. You’d think he’d just been asked to sit on a king’s throne.

McGee’s reaction to hearing his father say that commitment to success shouldn’t come first. And then the shared looks between Gibbs and McGee.

Gibbs’ laugh when he talked about the awful movie McGee was taking Adam to see.

“Maybe it’s time he learned from you, McGee.”

“Your mother would like this.”
“Yeah, I think she would.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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