Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Hoa Pili” – Romance Blossoms for Chin

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Hoa Pili (Close Friend)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Hoa Pili” (Hawaiian for “Close Friend”), the team tracks down a killer using a shark as evidence and an old friend of Chin’s comes back to visit.

I thought this episode had a lot of great stuff in it. First of all, I thought the main storyline that involved the two groups warring over the beaches was interesting. I really could see the situation from both points of view. Like Steve said, the conservationists had every right to be in those waters, but the Kapu people also had a good point when they said that tourists feeding sharks makes for a dangerous situation for beach goers. In the end, after the case was over, I thought it was great that the team showed their support for both groups by splitting and helping them both rebuild what they had lost.

The other fun thing about his episode was of course Kamekona getting his flying license and realizing his dream of starting a helicopter tour business. The final scene with all of them discussing Magnum P.I. was hilarious and it made me wonder if we’re going to see Kamekona and his trusty chopper helping out Steve and the team in future episodes.

As for Chin’s story, I am so on the fence about how I feel about him and Leilani. On the one hand, I really like her and think she could be great for him. But on the other hand, a part of me feels like it’s just too soon after his wife dying. I guess that means I’ll be happy no matter which way they go with the story though, so that’s a good thing.

My favorite bits..

“This isn’t what it looks like!” – I laughed out loud at that. Kinda hard to misinterpret your best friend and your wife naked in bed together.

Steve giving Kamekona a virtual helicopter flying lesson.

The dumbfounded looks on the boys’ faces when Catherine came in from surfing.

Steve pointing out to Kamekona that if he crashed a helicopter full of paying customers that would not be good.

“Repeat after me: altitude is my friend.”

“I remember your fear of becoming ‘man sushi.'” – To be fair, no one really looks forward to that, do they?

I’m with Danny, no way am I going down in a cage with a bunch of sharks.

“Hate it when I’m right.”

“You know you’re an enabler, right?”
“Oh, this ought to be good. Go on.”

Steve pointing out that it was Danny who helped Kamekona helped by the helicopter in the first place.

Totally knowing that Kamekona was going to get his wings as soon as Danny bet that he wouldn’t. Oh, Danny, when are you going to learn?

“You’re in a mood today, aren’t you?”
“I am not in a mood!” – Wow, barely 20 minutes in and we’ve already had two carguments. Awesome!

Kawika helping Steve and Danny figure out who beat up Jason.

Actually thinking the Kapu guys had a point about teaching sharks not to fear of humans.

Not being able to help the small laugh that came from me when Danny had to put handcuffs on that man who was easily twice his size.

“Eye for an eye. It’s in the Bible.”
“So is ‘thou shalt not kill.’ What, you skip that chapter?”

Leilani showing up for a visit.

“We survived a prison riot together. I was kind of looking forward to seeing what you had planned for our second date.”

Leilani giving Chin her number, for when he was ready. Dangit, my head says it’s too soon, but my heart really likes the idea of them together.

Kono and Chin discovering their suspect was a CI for the FBI.

Max’s proud flourish when he uncovered the shark in his office.

“Lunch. That’s nice.”

“So the story they told you… that’s a fish tale.”
“Seriously?” – What made me laugh the hardest was the fact that Danny and I said “seriously” at the exact same time.

“I love it when you guys geek out.”

The entire team, plus their suspect, getting caught by a drug dealer. Uh oh.

“There’s no way to escape death.” – Yeah, I totally knew he was going down as soon as he said it, but Kono dropping a shipping container on him? Nope, didn’t see that coming.

“Book’em Kono.”
“Whoa, where’s the love?” -Ha! Now he likes being called Danno?

Steve and Kono showing up to help fix the boat, while Danny and Chin went to help the Kapu rebuild their home. Loved that so much.

“Next time I say something like that, punch me in the mouth.”

Danny starting to point out that Kamekona couldn’t watch Grace for him if they all died in a helicopter crash, and giving up instead.

Steve is definitely Magnum; I can see Kamekona as T.C. and Danny is SOOO Rick! Why did I never see that before???

The Magnum P.I theme song sing-along. And..now the theme is stuck in my head, too. Not that I mind.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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