2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Big Hole”

On the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls,” one of the girls inevitably took one of their snarky quips a bit too far- but who would have thought it’d be Caroline? In “And the Big Hole,” Caroline mouthed off a bridge too far with Han at the diner and paid the price when he fired her.

Caroline: “Don’t go there, Han.”
Han: “Oh, I’m already there and now I’m back.”
Caroline: “Where does he get off?”
Max: “Probably in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ chat rooms.”

(Hmm, Han and I actually have something in common. I kid. But seriously, though, “Buffy” still rules! Joss Whedon is the shizz, people! And you know this!)

As if that weren’t bad enough, Caroline’s beauty sleep is being consistently interrupted by a voracious Sophie and Oleg upstairs, who are doing odd sexual things with…well, better to let the girls tackle this one.

Caroline: “Why do they need a bowling ball?”
Max: “Maybe they ran out of holes.”
Caroline: “We have to tell them to stop whatever it is they’re doing up there.”
Max: “Probably a 7-10 split.”

Turns out Oleg is ashamed to take Sophie back to his place, and is worried she will be repulsed by it. Caroline offers to make it more girl-friendly, for a price.

Caroline: “I’ll do it…but I’m gonna have to charge you.”
Max: “If you didn’t, you would be the only girl who ever went to his apartment without getting paid.”

Max is skeptical of going to Oleg’s but comes along reluctantly.

Max: “I can’t believe I’m walking up to Oleg’s apartment. I always thought I’d be dragged up here unconscious with electrical tape over my mouth.”

Turns out Oleg had good reason to worry, as his place looks like a swinger’s apartment from the 70s, complete with a sex swing, a “Real Doll” named Alexis and a neon-encrusted- emphasis on the “encrusted”- waterbed. (Okay, yes, I’m a straight guy, but that bed was crazy-awesome, seriously. So I guess I have something in common with Oleg as well.)

Max: “Where are we, Studio 69”?

The girls begin the icky process of weeding through the skank, starting with Oleg’s sex doll.

Oleg: “What are you going to do with Alexis?”
Caroline: “Rehab, and then a women’s shelter in Montana.”

While Caroline does her best with Oleg’s, it’s back to the diner for Max, who laments Caroline’s firing with Earl.

Earl: “I thought it would blow over. You know, like Han did in the wind that time?”
Max: “We got to get Han and Caroline to make up. I don’t have access to the pills I need to keep working without her.”

She manages to coax Han over to what she says is her place, but is actually Oleg’s, where she knows Caroline will be. Caroline isn’t exactly happy to see him, and isn’t about to ask his forgiveness.

Caroline: “Why doesn’t he fire himself for missing puberty?”
Max: “Let it go, Han. She spent her morning dusting a strap-on.”

Oleg comes home and is none too pleased with what he sees.

Oleg: “What the hell did you do to my apartment? It looks like you could film a douche commercial in here!”

Was it me, or was the apartment make-over a bit extreme for a day’s work? I mean, it looked like an entirely different room? And I know Oleg paid her, but pretty much everything in the room looked new! That’s one extreme makeover! I mean, I know it’s TV, but still…

Sophie comes over and Oleg panics, sending everyone to the closet to hide. Max can’t resist a dig at Han in the process.

Max: “Putting a guy in the closet who’s in the closet? That’s like gay nesting dolls!”

Naturally, Han and Caroline start right up again with the fighting, until Alexis pops out and scares the hell out of him, and chaos ensues, with Han, Alexis and Caroline spilling out of the closet in an unholy threesome.

Max: “Look! Han’s fallen and he can’t get it up!”

Eventually, Oleg explains everything and it turns out she likes the sound of the old room better, naturally, being Sophie and all. Oleg also tells her he loves her, much to her surprise. She confesses she “likes him a little bit” and all is well-ish. Han and Caroline also manage to make up and he gives Caroline her job back, so that has- ahem- a happy ending, too.

So, all in all, a decent episode of “2 Broke Girls,” if a little rote. I mean, as much crap as Han gets from these girls, he must know that they don’t really mean it, and he’s getting pretty adept with the quip his own damn self.

The Oleg subplot was good for some cheap laughs, and I did love the décor all around of the original room. So very Oleg, wasn’t it? Though I thought Caroline’s makeover was a bit much for the little time she had, it was still a fun plotline, and worth it for the above jokes. I get the feeling they actually went all that length for the douche joke, but that’s “2 Broke Girls” for you.

What did you think of the episode? Funny stuff or the same old same old? Let me know what you think in the comments!