Storage Wars Season 3 Review “Nobody’s Vault but Mine” & “Still Nobody’s Vault but Mine”

Storage Wars returned tonight with a rare two-parter event as our buyers make their way to Chatsworth with “Nobody’s Vault but Mine” and “Still Nobody’s Vault but Mine”. Not only were we introduced to a couple new buyers tonight, but we saw our new buyer Ivy once again, and we also saw what’s possibly the last episode for Mark Balelo.

Mark sadly took his own life last month, so it was a bit bittersweet to see him return. I never really liked him too much on the show, but it’s always upsetting to hear about somebody taking their own life in that way.

Barry bought the first locker of the day with an old-school sewing machine, and he ended up finding some very interesting little silver perfume capsules from the 1700s and 1800s. These miniature history lessons about all of the crazy things they find in these lockers is the most interesting part of Storage Wars for me, and I feel like the show has gotten away from that a little bit, so it was great to see that return tonight.

We were also introduced to a couple new buyers tonight in Mike Karlinger and Herb Brown, or as the producers want us to know them: “The Number Guys”. I didn’t quite understand their schtick, and I didn’t think they were the most interesting characters, but I sure liked them more than the twin brothers from last week! At least we’re improving!

Mark bought the next ten lockers and really didn’t make much money back. His bad mood is definitely thrown into an entirely new light when you realize that he actually committed suicide shortly after filming this. I’m not saying that he killed himself because of these lockers or anything, but it does bum me out more than usual seeing him lose his money like that.

As we move seamlessly into the next episode, Jarrod bought the next several lockers and found some interesting horned chairs and brought them to frequent Storage Wars appraiser Dennis. I wasn’t quite sure what was up with his immature helpers that couldn’t keep their freakin’ hands to themselves. It was like he was yelling at children!

Ivy bought the next chunk of lockers and found some cool snake catching equipment. I actually like Ivy quite a bit. I feel like he’s one of the few buyers on this show who legitimately does this because he loves it, and you’ve really got to respect his professionalism and stamina. He was the only one who wasn’t complaining and belly-aching about the marathon auction.

Darrell and Barry capped off the 100 locker marathon by snatching up the last few lockers full of furniture. Darrell’s going to have a hard time living up to his big art find from earlier in the season, and it’s totally clear at this point that Barry is being thrown into the show for comic relief. His whole “Prolactic beans” joke was so goofy and clearly arranged ahead of time. I’m hoping he can get back to actually trying to make money instead of trying to make us laugh.

With season four officially starting next month, I’m interested to see if the next season will bring any new changes! I’m definitely excited to find out!

Random Thoughts:

– Mark Balelo owned a mom and pop video game store in Simi Valley where I grew up called “The Game Exchange”. I used to ride my bike there to pick up the latest video games all the time!

– Did anybody else feel kind of uncomfortable about Dan referring to Mark’s assistant as “Your Cholo friend”?

– I wonder why they didn’t just combine both of these episodes into a hour-long special. Maybe it has something to do with syndication and needing all of the episodes to be half an hour, but watching one of these episodes by themselves would just feel incomplete.