Psych Cast and Guest Stars Discuss Shooting 100th Episode

Psych 100th episode

Happy Anniversary! It’s hard to believe, but USA’s hit series Psych has reached 100 episodes and TVEquals was on the set last summer when the cast and crew, as well as the guest stars, celebrated that very special milestone. There was champagne, a huge cake and yes, the cast and crew even held up the tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” (something they do on every guest actor’s final day on set) for the occasion. It was a truly special day and we were happy to be a part of it.

Be sure to check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Psych‘s 100th episode celebration in the gallery below.

After the celebrations, we got the chance to chat with the cast, including James Roday, Dule Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, as well as special guest stars from the original Clue movie, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull and Christopher Lloyd; and creator Steve Franks.

Here’s what we learned from the cast and the special guest stars about the episode and about what it was like filming Psych‘s 100th episode, called “100 Clues.”

The east coast could see a different ending than the west coast. Asked to describe the way the process will work for the alternate endings, James Roday said, “There will be a voting process that occurs, through the first I think three acts of the show and it’ll be different for east coast and west coast. So it’s possible that the east coast will see a different ending than the west coast will see. And then we’ll still have uh, potentially one or two endings leftover that we’ll be able to slap onto the DVD and have some extras or, I don’t know, maybe when it’s syndicated, you’ll never know which ending you’re going to get. I don’t know what their plan is exactly, but for the first airing, it’ll be based on interactive audience voting.”

Psych 100th ep celebration 03

The 100th episode will feature a very special flashback to the beginning of the series. Talking about the episode, Timothy Omundson said, “In the 100th episode we do a very special flashback. It’s a flashback to 2007, the beginning of the show. Very meta. I’m like, ‘wait a second, we’re riffing on our own show riffing on our own show. So my sideburns were not quite as grey as they were back then. So we’re doing the thing where we’re going to blacken it all up and my suits were not quite as slick as they are so I went into the wardrobe world.”

Some of the cast had already seen the movie Clue before filming the episode, but some had not. Asked about being a fan of Clue, Omundson said, “Very much so. It’s very weird being in a scene, however many years later with actors that were in the movie that you just watched, even though it’s 20 years ago. There was a shot last night where Garrett [Morris] and Chris [Lloyd] and Lesley [Ann Warren] are all sort of setup in that classic who-done-it pose. It was sort of an outer body experience for me. ”

Maggie Lawson added, “I saw it years ago, but then knowing that we were going to do this episode, I think we all watched again and it totally holds up, I mean the movie’s hysterical. It’s so good

Dule Hill added, “I was a fan of the actors, I wasn’t really familiar so much with the movie. I mean, I knew about the movie, but I’d never seen the movie. I just watched the movie for the first time the other day. But I’ve known who all the actors are, and have been fans of their work for years.”

Everyone agrees that getting to 100 episodes is very special. Asked what it felt like to get to 100 episodes, Maggie Lawson said, “It’s so beyond anything. You know, you hope to get a show, then you hope the show gets on the air, and then you hope you make it a second season. Then my god it’s like a third and a fourth. I can’t comprehend the magnitude of what this means and I still can’t. It’s still kind of like we’re just at work and it’s a normal day, but it’s our 100th episode. We’re together all day, every day and have yet to have one moment where one of us is, is you know, angry or bitter. It’s like ‘oh my god, look how lucky we are.'”

Tim Omundson added, “Well they put something in the water. No, but that’s almost a more interesting milestone than the 100th episode. The fact that [we’re at] 100 episodes and it’s all gone as smoothly as it has.

James Roday also added, “I mean it’s crazy. It’s so crazy when you get to watch these reunions that happen on our shows sometimes. Christopher Lloyd and Leslie Ann Warren haven’t seen each other since clue wrapped in 1985 or whenever it was. It’s pretty special. We’ve been very lucky to witness some stuff like that. Same thing on the, the Twin Peaks tribute: a lot of those cats hadn’t seen each other in 15 years and we just sat there drinking vodka and crying, while they all wept and hugged.

Dule Hill also added, “It goes beyond what I even expected for the show. I mean I didn’t realize that the show would go this long, and I’m thrilled that the fans have been attached to it, and really, truly I’m in awe of the whole journey, you know? Before the West Wing, I’d never done a TV series. I tested for pilots and never booked one. And over the last 15, or how long, I guess 15 years now, it’s just been one long, wonderful ride. So to get to, I think, 100 and something on West Wing, and now to hit that milestone again with the second show, I’m really speechless. I don’t have anything to say about it besides I’m just thankful.

Psych 100th ep celebration 01

Creator Steve Franks always knew Psych would hit 100 episodes. Asked at what point he thought the series might make it to a 100 episodes, Franks said, “You want to know? Day one. [LAUGH] On the pilot, I’m going, ‘This is going to be so cool when we do 100 of these.’ And [executive producer, Kelly Kulchak] is like, ‘Shut up.’ I have a thing called tempting fate. From the beginning, I always said, ‘This show’s gonna run at least five years.'”

The energy on the “100 Clues” episode was apparently very similar to the original movie. Asked about what it was like to be shooting this special episode, Martin Mull said, “It’s funny, some of the energy feels very akin to what it was like on Clue: a lot of the mob scenes, running here, running there, running here, running there, etc. I think they’ve captured the essence of whatever it was we did. It’s been nice.

The guest cast felt honored to be a part of Psych‘s 100th episode. Asked to talk about what it was like to work on the Psych set, Lesley Ann Warren said, “I just finished a five year run on In Plain Sight, another USA show, and I was actually struck by [how] it’s such a different set. The two leads, James and Dule, are so darling and sweet and generous and lovely. And all of them are so open and collaborative – not that our set wasn’t.”[LAUGH]

Martin Mull added, “Yeah I’m impressed by how silly they are. [LAUGH] They’re willing, they just go for it and it’s great.”

Psych 100th ep celebration 02

None of the guest cast play characters that are similar to their Clue characters. Asked to talk about her character in “100 Clues,” Lesley Ann Warren said, “Well, it’s nothing like my character in Clue. She’s kind of nervous and shy and was a number-one groupie in her day and still feels a lot of pride about that. My character in Clue was much more sexy and angry – I had this whole other energy. So it’s interesting to be doing this Clue takeoff and having a very diametrically opposed character to play in it.”

Martin Mull added, “And I’m basically a drunken old fart so it’s kind of a reach. [LAUGH] But I was Billy Lipps’ (Steve Valentine) road manager and I am no stranger to the bottle and virtually everything I say is indecipherable. He just mumbles his way through the whole thing, drunk.

Chrstopher Lloyd added, “The defining thing for my character is also different from what it was in the movie. He graduated from Harvard. That’s his defining [quality]. He’s a very repressed person and has been barely able to maintain his self-control in certain moments.”

It sounds like the Psych 100th episode is going to be one of the best ever. What do you think now that you’ve heard from the cast and crew about what it was like to film this very special episode? Are you more excited than ever to see Psych’s tribute to Clue?

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