Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Spring Break”

In the latest episode of Mike & Molly the hilarious couple finally came to the conclusion that money isn’t everything. Of course the lesson didn’t come easily and involved a creepy night at the morgue for Mike on a special details and a nightmare spring break for Molly.

After Mike makes Molly cut up a credit card she in turn makes him stick his hidden candy bar down the garbage disposal. From there the couple buttheads over saving money for their family. Mike and Molly aren’t the only two that are battling it out. New roommates Samuel and Carl are already at each others throats. Carl is angry over hot water and Samuel’s inability to be considerate as Samuel antagonizes him for fun.

Meanwhile Molly ends up venting her frustrations to Vince who fuels the flames over Molly’s boring spring break. The only one trying to make an effort is Mike who uses his mother as leverage against the captain. Mike is looking for some overtime and isn’t shy about telling the captain his mom would be upset if she knew Mike couldn’t afford to give her a grandchild. With the captain already on dog duty, he decides to give in, giving Mike a shift at the morgue with Carl as his jumpy wing man.

In the meantime Molly breaks down and heads to the beach with Victoria. What could have been an exciting vacation away, Molly gets left in the sun for 8 hours after Victoria takes off to have fun. Victoria continues to party while Molly sits in bed looking like – what Victoria calls – a seven eleven hot dog. The best part of the episode came when Molly made her way back into the hotel room, sticking her face in a cooler for comfort.

In pain and stuck in a room full of partying college kids, Mike comes to the rescue. The two end up spending some much needed time together without worrying about money.