Castle Season 5 Review “The Wild Rover”

Castle Season 5 Episode 18 The Wild Rover (10)

One of the things I’ve always loved about Castle, aside from the awesomeness that is Nathan Fillion, is the creative positions in which they often find dead bodies. I mean seriously. How often do you hear of a person being found in an industrial cake mixer. Call me morbid if you want, but I love it. But that wasn’t the only surprise in this episode. We got a chance to see a whole new side of Ryan that, quite frankly, was all manner of hot.

A few thoughts about “The Wild Rover”:

The case of the week kind of made me not want to eat any cake for a while. And by “a while” I mean probably never again. The team was called to the scene of a murder at a bakery. The baker had been shot and fallen face down in an industrial cake mixer. They also found a suitcase full of money in his office. During the course of the investigation, Beckett and Co. found out that the baker was in pretty deep with the Irish mob and in an effort to get away had turned informant for the FBI. Ryan’s old flame Shioban was also informing to the FBI, but after the baker’s death she knew that she was going to be next. So Ryan volunteered to go undercover again so he could retrieve a ledger that would send the mobsters away for life and Shioban could get into the witness protection program. Unfortunately, the mobsters found out that Shioban was a rat and they wanted Ryan to kill her to prove himself. He couldn’t do it, so they were going to kill both of them. Of course, thanks to Ryan’s quick thinking, the cavalry showed up just in the nick of time. All the mobsters went to prison and Shioban got her new start in witness protection. As it turned out though, the Irish boss had more to fear from his second in command’s wife than he did from anyone else. She’s the one who killed the baker and set the boss up to take the fall.

This was really Kevin Ryan’s show. We got to see a rather surprising side of him that I never would’ve expected him to have. I knew he was in narcotics before homicide, and that always seemed kind of funny to me because he just doesn’t seem the type. It’s not that he’s not a good cop. He is. It’s just that he lacks the kind of attitude you would generally expect from someone who worked narcotics. But then I suppose there are always aspects of our personalities that we tend to keep under wraps except for in certain situations. But it was even more surprising to find out that he worked undercover for over a year. He was seriously a totally different guy than the Ryan we all know and love. I know he was supposed to be someone different, but it was just pretty jarring to see Ryan talking and acting the way he was since he’s generally such a sweet guy. He also pulled out a few moves that I’ve never seen him do before. When Ryan decides to go tough guy, he really goes all in.

The team weren’t the only ones to see this new side of Ryan. Jenny also got the shock of her life when Shioban ran up and kissed Ryan in the middle of the police station. It’s awkward enough when you accidentally run into your husband’s ex in a restaurant or a department store. But when she locks lips with him so passionately in full view of everyone, that’s just weird and uncomfortable for everyone. I get that Jenny was shocked and I can understand her initial anger. But I don’t understand why she was still so upset after Ryan explained everything. It’s not like he was a monk before he met her. It’s not like he’d never been in love before he met her. And it’s not like he’s been cheating on her. Maybe it was just the hormones though. Ryan and Jenny found out that they’re pregnant. Looks like there’s gonna be a little Ryan running around sometime in the near future.

Beckett was also kind of needling Castle about a secret too. Apparently, he was saying the name Jordan in his sleep, and she wanted to know who Jordan was. Castle didn’t want to get into it, but Beckett just wouldn’t let it go. Ultimately, Castle shared with her a little about his past and what motivates him to write. On the one hand, I’m glad we got to know that little tidbit about Castle. It helps to round him out a little more and adds some layers. But on the other hand, I didn’t like the way Beckett basically insisted that he explain about Jordan. Especially after the way she acted about her mother’s death. I know it’s going back a little ways, but it’s the same principle. There’s a person and/or event that Castle would like to leave in the past. That person and/or event shaped Castle into the person he is today, but it’s something that is painful or shameful for him to think about. Instead of Beckett just letting it go, she pushed and pushed until Castle finally opened up about that. But what if, like Beckett with her mother, that wasn’t a place that he was really ready to go back to? She forced the issue and I didn’t really like that at all. It seemed kind of hypocritical on her part.

All in all, pretty solid hour. Although I didn’t like the way that Kate got Castle to open up to her, I think it’s important that he did. He hasn’t exactly been doing a lot of emotional sharing in their relationship, and that makes it difficult to have a healthy relationship. Maybe she (and we) can learn more about the man that has literally charmed his way into her heart. I just gotta say, Castle’s reaction when Ryan called him out at the dock was pretty priceless. Nathan Fillion always knows how to bring the funny. So what did y’all think of this week’s Castle?

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  • Giant Sis

    I agree about not liking Beckett try to force Castle to tell about Jordan – especially after her issues with keeping her mom’s stuff secret. I guess the main difference is that Castle pried into that when they weren’t a couple, so it was a little more intrusive then.

    • Jessica Breaux

      That’s a valid point. I just feel like even if you’re in a relationship you have to let people open up in their own time. I don’t think it’s right to force the issue like Kate did here. Thanks for comment! 🙂

  • ptjackson

    I think my beef about Jenny was she knew he was a cop when she married him. To expect him to never do anything dangerous is unrealistic and insulting.

    I’m waffling on the Jordan thing. After 32 years of marriage, there are still some things from my past my husband does not know about – nothing horrible, just things, as you say, that I don’t like to revisit and try to avoid thinking about. I’m guessing he has some things that are similar. I think everyone has these types of personal secrets and it is not necessary to reveal detail of our inner psyche to have an intimate relationship with another person.

    That said, I think Castle’s coyness was what drove Kate to pry so much. Perhaps if he had just said, “look, it is an embarrassing incident from my past that I try to forget and would rather not talk about it” she might have backed off.

    And, while my hubby was all agog at Ryan’s pickpocket skills, I was less so at his not being able to realize he was being tailed skills. Seriously?? A professional detective can’t tell when he is being tailed?

    • Jessica Breaux

      I agree with you about Jenny. I mean, I know it can’t be easy to be a cop’s wife because your husband is constantly putting himself in harm’s way. But you’re right that he was a cop when he married her and he’d been a cop for a long time before he married her. I suppose she was just more concerned about it now because she knew she was pregnant. That changes things.

      You may be right about Kate being overly intrigued more by Castle’s coyness than about Jordan specifically. But the problem with that is that Castle is coy about almost everything. It’s not surprising that he would be coy about Jordan too. So I don’t see why that would’ve caused her to pry so much. And I think that she would’ve been more inclined to pry if he had been more serious when he said he didn’t want to talk about it. Especially if he’d said it was something embarrassing because she would’ve wanted to tease him about it.

      Good points and thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • ptjackson

        You make a good point about the fact that Jenny is now pregnant – your perspective does change one you become a parent or parent to be. And, hormones do play games with your mind too, so there is that. I guess it seemed a little over the top to me, but in perspective, maybe not.

        You know, the other thing that occurred to me with the Beckett/Castle thing was that she is a detective, and of course she will investigate anything….. LOL…..

  • simon says

    first jenny and ryan. i think jenny was so upset because he never told her about shioban or that he was undercover. he didn’t even talk about it to espo. it was obviously something he was ashamed of. to leave someone behind he loved. and jenny felt that there were still some feelings there. so i think she is allowed to feel jealous. so that is part of the reason she was upset he was going undercover again. and i think it’s a whole other level of dangerous when you go undercover with the mob alone and without backup. as a homicide detective he has a partner and a gun and its a very different situation.

    castle and beckett. i think her prying was because of castle’s ex wife. she told beckett that castle knew everything about her and never opened up himself. and kate realized that she had a similar relationshipwith him. so she was afraid and wanted him to share something. and let’s be honest. castle would do and did do the same. they’re both curious people by nature. as for the story told her about jordan. that was a little weak and such a weird story. but the moment was sweet.

    so we had two couples who dealt with jealousy and men not shareing something. or maybe three if you count ryan and shioban. she didn’t know he was a cop and why he left her. i like it when there is an overall theme to the episode. what i also liked was the badass ryan. that transformation he went through was so amazing i didn’t recognize him afterwards. i have seen many people go undercover on different shows but the still pretty much look the same. even in wigs and stuff. but with the hair and wardrobe change he really became another man. also very great acting here. it made the whole case a little more believable and me overlook some flaws in the stroy that have already been described here.

    a great episode and nathan was as fun as always. i’m really exited about the 100th episode tonight. they are doing a ‘rear window’ episode which is so great. it’ my favorite hitchcock movie. i hope they also do the great mise-en-scène and cinematography.