Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “It Snakes a Village”

This week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers had the Belchers leaving the familiar comfort of their strange community to visit Linda’s parents in an equally odd retirement community for “active” seniors in Florida.

While Linda was traumatized by the realization that her parents were living among swingers, Bob seemed to revel in the absurdity of every aspect of his in-law’s retirement decision. Even though Linda was miserable, I enjoyed Bob finally being able to relax and laugh at the strange world around him. Normally Bob doesn’t have time to sit back and chuckle at the absurdity of the things happening around him because he’s usually the person most negatively affected by the things happening in or around his restaurant.

Unfortunately, Bob’s glee was short lived. After Gloria and Al received their final warning and were threatened with eviction, Linda offered her home to them and suggested that they come live with the Belchers. We’ve seen what kind of crazy person Bob becomes when his in-laws come to visit, so it was no surprise that he made it his personal mission to convince Al to get it on with those swinging seniors and stay in Florida.

While Bob was trying to figure out Al’s hidden fetish, the Belchers kids were having a Florida swamp adventure. The kid’s hopes of a vacation spent at a pool were dashed after discovering that the pool was closed for cleaning. I loved how completely devastated and hysterical the kids became when they saw the empty pool. Most kids probably would have cried if their dream vacation turned out to be a bust, but Tina, Gene, and Louise scrambled for a solution…or at least some kind of revenge.

Their rage over the swimming pool situation seemed to disappear when a kooky resident offered the kids $100 for video proof that a vicious python lived in the woods of their community. The kids embarked on a mini adventure, risking life, limb, and in Gene’s case, his sanity, to find the elusive puppy eating python.

Eventually, Bob was able to help Al overcome his anxieties and encourage Gloria to partake in Al’s balloon popping fetish and Linda was able to see her parents treating one another romantically for the first time in 20 years, which convinced her to stop thinking about her parents acting like frisky adults and just let them be. Although the kids were never able to find the mysterious python, they did return Bitsy to its owner – only to have it scamper back to freedom in the woods, nestled in the coils of it’s cold blooded companion, the python.

The music in Bob’s Burgers this season has been a lot of fun, and there were a couple of memorable musical numbers in tonight’s episode. In particular, the extended and expanded version of Gene’s scared-of-snakes song which made a really cute and entertaining reprise during the end credits.

Although there were plenty of lines in tonight’s Bob’s Burgers that made me chuckle, “It Snakes a Village” was one of the weaker episodes of this season. The Belchers will be the Belchers no matter where they travel, but pulling Bob and his family away from the restaurant and their hometown for an entire episode just didn’t seem as fun as what we usually get when they’re dealing with the daily grind.