Touch Season 2 Review “Reunions”

In this episode of Touch we found out who had kidnapped Amelia, said a brief hello to a character and bid farewell to another character. Emotions ran pretty high and we were reminded of just how cold and murderous Aster Corp. is.

A few thoughts about “Reunions”:

We didn’t have to wait long to find out who had kidnapped Amelia. Aster Corp., under the direction of Calvin’s ex-friend Tony, is the one who broke into Calvin’s house, killed his mother, and kidnapped Amelia. They were continuing tests on her, and Calvin’s assistant Case was helping them. It wasn’t really clear whether he knew they were coming from the outset or whether he just made a deal for his life when they got to the house to kill him. Either way, he’s now in deep with the wrong people. I’m relatively certain that Tony knows Case is the one who helped Martin find Amelia, and I wonder if they’ve “disposed” of him. Aster Corp is not exactly shy about getting rid of people they don’t think they need.

Martin and Lucy received help from an unlikely source. Amelia telepathically communicated her desperation to Jake, and Jake led Martin and Lucy to Calvin. Calvin was trying to locate Tony because he figured Tony was the one responsible for his mother’s death. Naturally, Calvin was out for revenge. Calvin told Martin and Lucy that Aster Corp was most likely holding Amelia in one of their several secret facilities. The group went back to Calvin’s loft in an attempt to locate the facility where Aster Corp was holding Amelia. While there, Jake wandered off and hooked himself up to one of Calvin’s machines so he could communicate with Amelia. I just have to pause here and say that it’s kind of becoming ridiculous how often Martin loses Jake. I mean seriously. The kid is forever wandering off. It just seems a bit odd that Martin wouldn’t keep a closer eye on Jake. Especially since he’s so worried about an evil corporation and/or the police grabbing his son. But I’ll just let it ride. Anyways. Amelia was able to give Jake enough information so that they could find her, so Martin, Lucy and Jake headed in that direction.

Meanwhile, Calvin went to try to help his brother. When Jake hooked himself up to Calvin’s machine, he provided Calvin with the last piece of the puzzle he needed to fix his brother’s brain. With the information he got from Jake, Calvin was able to successfully reroute several pathways in William’s brain. William was able to move and speak for the first time in years. He was also able to tell Calvin that he didn’t blame him for the accident. Calvin’s joy at having his brother back was short lived though. Apparently the neural pathways had decayed too much, and William’s brain was unable to sustain whatever it was Calvin had done to bring him back. Calvin was desperately trying to fix it, but William was back to his vegetative state. It was a very touching moment between the brothers. However special that moment may have been, it was still kind of tainted for me. Calvin is still responsible for a whole lot of pain to bring that particular moment to fruition. I get why he was doing it. In addition to the guilt he felt about causing the accident, he just loved his brother. There are very few motivators more powerful than love. But the ends still do not justify the means. People’s lives have been ruined and others have died so that Calvin could achieve his goal. Despite the fact that I don’t particularly like Calvin, I still feel bad for him. It seems to me that it would be more painful to have had those precious few moments that Calvin and William shared than for William to never have awoken at all. Now that Calvin has seen what a few moments of mapping Jake’s brain can do, I wonder just how desperate he’ll be to get his hands on Jake to study him further. I wonder just how far he’s willing to go.

Lucy and Amelia also shared a painfully brief reunion. Martin and Lucy were able to find the secret facility where Amelia was being held, and Martin got himself taken prisoner to get inside. Case happened upon where they were holding Martin and (kind of unwillingly) helped Martin get to Amelia. Martin got Amelia out of the facility and they met up with Lucy and Jake. There were hugs. There were tears. And after they got to a (relatively) safe place, Martin told Lucy that she and Amelia needed to disappear. So they all went their separate ways. Alas, Lucy and Amelia’s time together was cut short by some Aster Corp. jerks. Lucy told Amelia to run, and Lucy sacrificed herself to save Amelia. Lucy finally did something worthwhile. I haven’t really been a Lucy fan because she’s been so annoying. She kept doing stupid things and further complicating an already complicated situation. It seemed that Lucy didn’t really serve a purpose in the overall plot either. At least not much more than talking about how much she wanted Amelia back and sort of serving as Jake’s babysitter from time to time. She didn’t so much more than that in this episode, but for some reason she annoyed me significantly less. Perhaps because she wasn’t on screen all that much. So, while it’s sad that Amelia has lost her mother, I can’t say that I’m overly disappointed that Lucy is no longer with us. She died saving her daughter, and that’s a heroic way to go out.

All in all, pretty good episode. It kept me engaged quite a bit more than the last couple. I’m interested to see how far Amelia is going to get on her own. Will she hook back up with Martin and Jake? Will she try to avenge her mother’s death? I do feel sorry for the girl though. She’s been through a lot. And is it just me, or does Martin always sound out of breath? Almost every time Martin says Jake’s name, or almost whenever he delivers dialog, he sounds like he’s just run a marathon or something. Maybe it’s just me though. So what did y’all think of this week’s Touch?

  • Data1001

    Strong episode. And no, you’re not the only one noticing the out-of-breath thing. I actually didn’t realize that until one day when I was out jogging and stopped a moment for a few brief words with someone… I thought to myself, “Who do I sound like right now? Ohh, yeah, Kiefer Sutherland.”