Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “Idle Hands” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 18 Idle Hands (7)

Things continued to get back to normal this week on Grey’s Anatomy – both personally and professionally for our favorite doctors. The doctors were all very eager to get back into the business of facing medical challenges and helping patients.

It was a huge week for Grey-Sloan Memorial as they unveiled new branding materials (coffee sleeves) as well as new building signage. Along with debuting the hospital’s brand new name, the emergency finally reopened. Hooray!

The episode was full of highly entertaining, dynamic duos. Calzona heated things up, with a sexy new high heel leg for Arizona that made her ass go “pow” as Callie put it. April paired up with anyone who would listen to talk about her (lack of) sex life with her hot new boyfriend through the aid of a carnival reference. She finally found her way thanks to the full body can machine. Alex paired up with his adorable cancer patient to make life very complicated for Jo’s new boyfriend. Shane and Derek teamed up to help a young patient with extensive head trauma and to help her father cope with the uncertainty of his daughter’s prognosis.

It was a big week for the Shepherd family, as they documented their baby’s progress and learned that they were having a boy. Meredith was particularly worried about her baby’s health, which is good when you have a talented friend (Christina) who is eager to perform any surgery necessary to help the kid. It’s not a good situation when you have a friend like Alex, who is clearly getting his kicks by making Meredith even more nervous.

Favorite Moments:

– The real star of the episode was Karev’s very mature, 12-year-old patient who immediately decided he hated the hotshot doctor Jo is dating. Jenny Talia? Hilarious! I love that Dr. Weber intervened and urged Alex to step up his prank game. A close second was the cute duo of Jackson and Owen trying to push full body scans on unsuspecting patients.

– I also enjoyed the exchange about “going to the carnival” between Meredith and April. I’ll bet that ride is good, April. Callie revealing to Bailey that she and Arizona had “done stuff.” I got a good kick out of the doctors playing the “go away, Bailey” game.

– Also funny was Shane’s impression of Derek. “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” Ha!

– It was nice to see Arizona trust Callie with her treatment.

– The storyline with Meredith’s patient and her students was so sad yet so good. Was anyone else pulling for a miracle?

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– Here’s a bonus for you Grey’s Anatomy fans, the characters now have twitter accounts: @AlexKarevGSM