Why Psych Continues To Entertain

You know, I imagine it’s not particularly easy being a writer on a television show. The hours must be long, the producers must be grueling, and let’s not forget about having to keep the audience hooked throughout commercial breaks. Perchance that’s one of the reasons why I respect the writers of the USA network’s Psych so much. Those guys really know how to keep viewers entertained.

Don’t believe me? Well, according to TV By The Numbers, it’s seventh season premiere brought in 2.9 million viewers and 172K social media mentions — which really isn’t all that shabby when you consider how long the comedy-drama has been on the air. Heck, if I had my own show I’d be content with those numbers…as would any of the miserable show runners over at The CW…but I digress.

So, what is it about Psych that captivates me so? Is it the quirky mysteries? Is it the show’s bromantic crime-fighting duo? Or perchance it’s the zany humor and pop culture references? Hmmm…

I’m going to go with all three actually.

You see, nowadays, television can really be a drag. That’s my opinion. Most networks choose to air depressing dramas when they’re not showcasing trashy reality shows. I’d like to think that the folks over at USA know a thing or two about balance. I’m a fan of all of their lighthearted fare including Necessary Roughness which was renewed for another season, and the late-but-criminally underrated Common Law. Some TV watchers describe USA’s shows as fluff, but to be honest, I kind of feel that’s what makes them so gosh darn special. It’s a good way to relax.

That’s what Psych offers me — relaxation.

It also serves up two incredible characters in Shawn and Gus, crime solving odd balls played to perfection by James Roday and Dule Hill respectively. Generally, with two leads, one will serve as the comedic character while the other is usually the straight man. However, the writers of the show have managed to give both characters an equal amount of humor through the use of hilarious one liners. It’s blatantly obvious that Roday and Hill have chemistry and I really believe they are friends both on and off the screen.

I never watched Psych during its first couple of seasons. However, I was lucky to catch a marathon back in college, and was hooked ever since. Shows like that make me yearn to quit my day job, cut my expensive lease, back up my crap and move to sunny California to become an actor…well, almost. I ain’t crazy.

Yet, I can’t say the same for Emmy voters. It’s a shame this show hasn’t won one of those golden statuettes. I once honestly had an opportunity to interview Hill and Roday on their thoughts about this. If I recall correctly, Hill, being careful not to offend anyone, mentioned that it can be a little rough being snubbed at the Emmys but that it certainly doesn’t stop the writers, actors and creative team from putting everything they have into each episode. That’s what counts, right? I commend the man.

Lately, my brother, who seems to be something of a Netflix addict, has started watching Psych. It seems he’s following in my footsteps. Not that that’s a bad thing. After all, I’m a good person. I don’t spend multiple hours a day channel surfing. I go out and positively influence people!


Or is that sike? Either way, I had you for a second, didn’t I?

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