The Biggest Loser Season 14 Finale Review – And The Biggest Loser Is . . .

The time for the most important weigh-in of The Biggest Loser’s 14th season finally arrived and a winner was crowned. Before revealing who this season’s Biggest Loser would be, the business of America’s Vote had to be settled. At the conclusion of last week’s show, Jackson and Joe left their fate in the hands of the viewing audience. Both men come onstage revealing their newly thin looks after which, Jackson is revealed as America’s choice. All was not lost for Joe, as he was still eligible for the at-home prize.

Let’s start with the great new addition to this season of The Biggest Loser – the kids! Lindsay entered the stage with the cheerleading squad and performed a cheer. Bingo started the season just wanting to play baseball with his friends. He arrived at the finale 43 pounds lighter, two inches taller and a new member of a very competitive baseball team back home. Way to go! Sunny was the last of the three kids to reveal her new look to the audience – a lovely prom dress and a great smile to match. The kids did a great job of reaching their goals and were a nice balance to the “game play” that sometimes gets in the way of the competition for the adults.

On to the adults . . .

The competition for the at-home prize was competitive as always. In the end, Gina eeked out a victory over Joe. Gina lost 46.12% of her original weight, starting out at 245 pounds and returning to the finale at a svelte 132 pounds.

After naming the at-home prize winner, it was time to crown a new Biggest Loser. America’s choice, Jackson, came out first. Jackson started out the competition at 328 pounds and returned to the finale at 190 pounds with a 42.07% total percentage of weight loss. Jeff started the competition at 388 pounds and weighed in at 207 pounds for the finale. His 46.65% total percentage of weight loss landed him in the lead.

Everything came down to Danni, who looked like an action figure as she entered the stage. Danni began the competition at 258 pounds. In order to win The Biggest Loser title, Danni needed to lose more than 120 pounds. At her new weight of 137 pounds, Danni posted a 121 pound weight loss and emerged as season 14’s Biggest Loser!

Congratulations are in order for Danni and Jillian, who took her only remaining player to the very end in her first season back on the show! What did you think of the finale? Sound off below!