Go On Season 1 Review “Go for the Gold Watch”

Go On (NBC) Episode 19 Go for the Gold Watch (1)

When a new network show is given a full season order, the show is given the leeway to explore different combinations and try some different ideas. In the case of Go On, NBC’s horrendous overall ratings coupled with the show’s star power afford it even more room to sample some different ideas. As a result, the show decided to shine on a spotlight on a different character combination and provide (or at least attempt to) more insight into the life of another character. The result is a fairly breezy 22 minutes that doesn’t always hit the mark, but does give the impression the show wants to expand its worldview.

The combination being utilized this week is a pretty classic odd couple pairing of Owen and Anne. Regular readers know that I am a fan of Owen’s potential so it was good to see him have more to do. He’s still being under-utilized (the kid has real pathos in his acting), but the show combining him with Anne indicates a possible tryout of sorts to see if he’s capable of more. On Go On, Anne seems to be test pairing for a character’s comedic acting chops. At this point, everyone has had a turn only to be quickly relegated back into the background. Anne seems to the gatekeeper: If you want to share a storyline with Ryan King, then you need to be impressive in your turn with Anne. It remains to be seen what the show thought of Owen’s performance this week.

While Owen and Anne looked into the mercurial Mr. K, Ryan went through a phase of loss that we surprisingly haven’t seen much of in the show’s freshman season. Ryan finally attains a career goal of being number one in the ratings and receives the long-coveted gold watch that gives the episode its title. Of course, all the accolades prove meaningless. It’s a lesson television takes the time to teach us fairly often: awards, accolades, and adulation are ultimately meaningless without someone to share it with. In an attempt to fill the emptiness, Ryan meddling in the Sonia/Danny relationship proves obviously destructive. However, it leads to an honest and thoughtful moment between Ryan and Sonia that the show misses the mark on far too often. Tonight, it was effective enough.

Only three episodes left in the first season, how are you feeling about Go On‘s body of work?