Touch Season 2 Review “Broken”

Things are starting to come together a bit now on Touch. The stories seem to be overlapping more and it seems like things are sort of starting to build to an interesting climax. Martin and Jake were kind of more in the background in this episode, but I’m alright with that. We needed some movement on the other storylines.

A few thoughts about “Broken”:

I’m conflicted about Lucy. On the one hand, I can totally sympathize with her desperation to get her daughter back. She’s a parent and I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare of having your child kidnapped. On top of that, she was thisclose to getting Amelia back before she was snatched again. That horrible. On the other hand, she’s still making stupid decisions. I’m still trying to figure out Lucy’s thought processes for almost killing and kidnapping Calvin. First of all, it’s against the law. Second, torture rarely works. The victim just tells you what you want to hear so you’ll stop. Third, and probably most importantly, Lucy is a civilian with zero tactical training. She didn’t even know how to tie proper knots. Then, on top of all of that, she left her prisoner alone and unguarded. I just didn’t buy that Lucy would run Calvin down and then torture him. Her character hasn’t built to that for me yet. Maybe it has more to do with the writing than anything else. There hasn’t really been any urgency in Lucy’s search for Amelia. It’s been obvious that Lucy wants to get her daughter back, but up to this point her storyline has primarily consisted of running around yelling Amelia’s name or telling Martin how much she wants her daughter back. There hasn’t really been much development or build-up in her story. So for her to go from sitting in a cafe talking about how long it’s been since she’s seen her daughter to going to Gitmo on Calvin seems like a stretch.

It also doesn’t make sense that Lucy would trust Calvin. He kidnapped her daughter. He’s tried to convince her to kidnap Jake. He’s lied about pretty much everything. Martin, on the other hand, has actively been trying to help Lucy get Amelia back. He’s risked himself several times and he helped her get closer to Amelia in a few months than she got in 3 years on her own. Martin (very rightly) pointed out all he’s done for her, and she couldn’t pay him the courtesy of at least a phone call. She doesn’t think things all the way through and for some reason she can’t seem to follow directions. Martin has been trying to help her, but it’s hard to help someone who keeps screwing up the plan because she won’t follow instructions and she won’t be honest. Why didn’t she immediately call Martin when she found out where Calvin lives? Martin’s been the one with good ideas thus far. Nothing she’s done has worked out, so why would she think it’s a good idea to strike off on her own? Martin is a much better person than me though because I probably would’ve left Lucy sitting right out there at the reservoir. It’s really hard to feel sympathy for someone who annoys me as much as Lucy has been annoying me lately.

Guillermo had a bit of a crisis of faith. After he murdered the priest last week, he went in search of instruction from God. He hiked up to the top of a mountain and asked God to show him what to do next. While possibly preparing to jump, he saw an injured man trapped down in one of the rock’s crevices. When he got down there to help the man, he found out that the man was a doctor who had been drinking the night before he performed a complicated surgery. The young patient died, and the doctor blamed himself. He felt like breaking his leg and dying up on that mountain was his penance for killing the little boy. When Guillermo happened upon him, the doctor asked Guillermo to kill him because he needed to be stopped. Guillermo convinced the doctor that he needed to live, and in the process he convinced himself that he needed to continue his mission. After the last episode, I said that either Guillermo would hear God and stop or he would find a way to justify his actions. It looks like he’s chosen the latter option. It’s interesting that Guillermo would go in search of God’s guidance since he’s seemed to pretty much remove God from the equation up to this point. Guillermo made the decision to hunt down The 36. He made the decision to murder the priest who refused to bless his killing spree. The truth is, God very well may have been speaking to Guillermo through the priest. But since it wasn’t what Guillermo wanted to hear, he just dismissed it. That’s one of the problems with religious zealots. They refuse to hear and/or accept any message different from the one they’ve convinced themselves is from God and they twist situations to justify their actions. That’s the path Guillermo has chosen.

All in all, pretty decent episode. They went kind of overboard with the shaky cam during the Martin/Lucy scene at the reservoir though. It was as if the camera operator had stumbled or something. Very distracting. Otherwise though, pretty good. What did y’all think of this episode of Touch?

  • madfred

    Lucy has turned out very foolish and unlikable. Still, exciting episode.