The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “The Hangover Part Tubbs”

On the latest episode of “The Cleveland Show”– one of two that evening- Donna was in full self-promotion mode in the wryly-titled “The Hangover Part Tubbs,” in which she was among those vying for a slot on the school board. Her only problem? Cleveland being Cleveland, of course, and how she could keep him from screwing up her chances without hurting his feelings in the process.

Her solution? To hire a lookalike to take his place, which led to some amusing situations. Though I liked the other episode that aired later that night more, this one had its moments, too. Like when Cleveland saw the faux Cleveland and wondered aloud if it was a time-traveling version of himself, only to have the “real” thing show up: “It’s me, future Cleveland. I’ve come to tell you that’s not what happened. She did replace you.” LOL. I guess “Family Guy” isn’t the only one who can do time-travel jokes.

There were also not one, but two jokes about, ahem, “tucking” oneself. I’ll let the jokes speak for themselves. The first occurred after Cleveland indulged in a waffle he found on the street (eew!) and asked Donna if she could lend a hand: “My hands are sticky from the syrup, and as you’ll notice, I’ve broken free from my boxer shorts. Can a brother get a tuck?” The other came after Cleveland Junior proved surprisingly adept at diving, and his coach enthused: “I haven’t seen a tuck that good since ‘Silence of the Lambs.’” Stay classy, “Cleveland Show.”

But what made it for me were the completely random jokes, like the “Hurt Locker” bit, which led to the first of two incidents over the course of the two shows in which a member of the Cleveland clan caused someone’s death! It actually could have been worse, though, as Cleveland noted when Donna called him on his actions, and explained hers, in regards to faux Cleveland: “He projects the kind of clean-cut, responsible, not-gonna-blow-up-his-friends-playing-the-‘Hurt Locker’ game image I need to get elected!” Said Cleveland: “In my defense, we were gonna play ‘Human Centipede.’

Or Cleveland’s outburst when he called Donna on her own actions: “How could you replace me, Donna? How did you? Did you clone me? Did you use stem cells? What are stem cells? I’m against stem cells!”

Also funny were the bits about, respectively: sporks (“The utensil that goes both ways”); David Spade’s fleet of volleyball team children (“This is as tall as I’m gonna get”); the defunct show “Harry’s Law” (Fan: “Have you ever seen the show?” Cleveland: “No, but was I close?” Fan: “Yes.”); Speedos (which CJ compared to “Papa Smurf’s hat on my ding-dong”); Holt wearing Cleveland’s pants on his head and getting “zipped up” (“My lip!”); and the great allusion to “Requiem for a Dream” in the final montage.

As you might have guessed from the title, there was also a “Hangover”-homage, with “Dynamite Donna” back in her element, getting so wasted she blacked out and woke up at the Richmond International Speedway, along with Cleveland and the gang. It was sort of half-hearted, but we did get some amusing bits with various race car drivers, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who had this priceless exchange with Donna, who was worried she’d miss the all-important final debate of the election: “I’ll get you there, Tubbs.” Donna: “How did you know my name?” DEJ: “I didn’t.”

Donna did make it, by the skin of her teeth, and ultimately told everyone about the subterfuge with fake Cleveland, embracing Cleveland, faults and all, even if it cost her the election- which it sort of did. I liked her quote during the big speech: “If people were scared of being embarrassed, we would have no Adam Sandler movies…or politicians.” True enough.

So, a pretty decent episode overall, but I liked the other one slightly more, the review of which can be found here. What did you think of “The Cleveland Show”? Did you like this episode or the other one better? Do you like that they’ve been doing a lot of double doses of the show lately? Or would you have preferred they doled out the episodes at a slower rate? Let me know in the comments!