Storage Wars Season 3 Review “The Big Boy vs. The Heavy Weight” & “The Kook, the Chief, His Son, and the Brothers”

Storage Wars is back everybody! It feels like the longest hiatus ever, as we’ve had to wait exactly three months since last seeing our last episode. With A&E finding another huge success with Duck Dynasty, and now launching a great new series with Bates Motel, A&E has suddenly become a destination channel for millions of people! It used to be that Storage Wars was the biggest success they’ve ever had, but now it’s been switched to Mondays. Thankfully it’s the same ol’ Storage Wars we’ve all come to love!

Our first episode was “The Big Boy vs. The Heavy Weight”, as our buyers made their way to Mini U Storage in La Habra, California. We meet a new buyer, Barry meets up with professional golfer Jon Daly, and Darrell becomes the “King of tools”!

Jarrod won the first unit for $300, and he ended up selling a calculator watch for a tidy profit. They kept mentioning a new store that they were opening during both episodes tonight, so I guess the new store might be an ongoing storyline for the two of them for the rest of the season.

Ivy won the next three units for after that, and he really made his presence known pretty quickly! He seems like a nice enough guy, but he doesn’t really have much of a personality quite yet. We also didn’t see much from him as he didn’t even take anything to be appraised.

Barry won the next unit and found a rangefinder, which he took to his buddy…professional golfer Jon Daly! I personally love Daly, and I loved him asking if the rangefinder measured centimeters after

Darrell ends up with a pretty unsexy locker full of tools, but he actually ends up winning the day by quite a bit! I wasn’t quite sure why Ivy said that the locker would be worth $15,000 easily, but then quickly gave up after around $2,500. Stick to your guns, Ivy!

The second episode of our double feature takes the bidders to Lake Elsinore in “The Kook, the Chief, His Son, and the Brothers”. We’re also introduced to two new buyers, but unfortunately they’re the super annoying twin appraisers from the season three episode “May The Vaults Be With You”.

The twins were just about as annoying as they were in their brief appearance earlier this season, and they still make me cringe every time they repeat each other. Also, their constant bickering gets old pretty quickly. I really hope they don’t show up in any future episodes.

Barry and his buddy Boston Joe had a pretty funny little scene where they wussed out of skydiving, and Darrell had an interesting visit to the planetarium in Pasadena. I feel like these two episodes spent a little more time on the bidding and goofing off, and not as much time on the appraisals and actual education part of the show. I hope we get more of that in future episodes, but I still quite enjoy Storage Wars as a whole.

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else think of Game of Thrones when Dan referred to Ivy as “The King in the north”? Maybe I’m just a little too excited for March 31st to come.

– Do you think they tell Darrell to say ridiculous double entendres like “I want to get my hands on my unit right now”? Or does he come up with these by himself?

– I never really understand why the buyers always complain about “Coming all the way out” to the auctions. Aren’t you getting paid to appear? Sure you didn’t win an locker, but you were contractually obligated to show up after all.

  • AgentLobos

    No Dave…No Storage Wars, and Baby Hester’s jealousy of Darrell’s huge find did it.

  • sandy

    I love it without Dave, he was so annoying

  • Blake

    The twins are my dad and uncle. They’ve already filmed four episodes, and are filming another one today. So apparently, A&E loves them.

    • boss

      Your dad and uncle are incredibly annoying. A&E please remove these two jackass clowns and bring back Hester!