Red Widow Season 1 Review “The Escape”

Red Widow (ABC) Episode 3 The Escape (1)

In this week’s Red Widow, Marta sunk deeper into her new life of crime, thanks to her obnoxious, ne’er do well brother Irwin. Prior to Irwin being let out of prison, Marta was formulating her plan to flee the country with her children. She quickly realizes that if she continues with her plan before Irwin expunges his debt to Schiller, he will likely be murdered. Of course, she would not want her brother to die, but is he worth more than keeping her kids safe?

Right now Marta is still in helpless mode. She shows herself capable of taking care of business, like when she goes to visit the drug dealer Orson, but hasn’t realized her full potential. Her choices are still being made by other people – directly or indirectly. For example, she works for Schiller at his direction, and she stays working for him because of her brother’s lack of impulse control. What she doesn’t yet realize, but Schiller will no doubt inform her in the future, is that she is also stuck working for Schiller because of her father. When her father goes to Schiller to protect Marta, Schiller offers to release her from his service if her father relinquishes some of his gangster territory. Her father is unwilling to sacrifice his business for the well-being of his daughter. When Marta learns about this later, she is going to be pissed.

The only family member who seems to care about Marta is her sister, Kat. She helps Marta with the fake passports, and she distracts the FBI when Marta needs Ramos’ attention diverted. Unlike Irwin, she seems to actually worry about Marta and her children. I’m not sure what the deal is with their mother. She seems like she is in fantasy land most of the time.

At the end of the episode, Marta does take one step to regain control of her life. She offers to work with Ramos. This was good timing, because it would have just been awkward to have Ramos lurking around all of the time. It is obvious that they want to give Ramos more substance and depth. His personal life is a mess. His girlfriend is a junkie and apparently a former FBI agent. So far, this storyline is not really working. An FBI agent would be putting his career at risk to be shacked up with a drug abuser.

Mike is also not working out as a great character. He had a touching moment when he talked to Marta about feeling guilty for the dock superintendent’s death. But, the scene where he came home to the ransacked house was kind of lame. Maybe the point is that Mike is a bad liar, in which case, point proven. His response was just so nonchalant, it was like “Oh, no. We were burglarized Oh, no. They took your painting. That’s too bad.” That’s not how a man would react if he came home to find his house trashed and his wife in hysterics. I wouldn’t be opposed to his character taking a dirt nap in the near future. Marta needs a smarter minion.

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