Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “St. Patrick’s Day”

Everyone is in rare form for Mike & Molly’s St. Patrick’s Day special! While Carl and Samuel plan a party at their new apartment after ransacking Carl’s grandmother’s house for supplies, Mike is being worked like a slave by Molly who is ovulating at the wrong time – according to Mike. He wishes she would ovulate during Mama Mia. After she comes home following a bar fight, bearing a bad tattoo, Mike is wondering where his typically well behaved wife went who keeps telling things about her past. She’s on a tear and tells him to shut his mouth and drop trou, they have a job to get done. Mike looks on edge and after a brief break where he has a heart to heart with Victoria over love, Molly demands that they get back to work. It seems their both dealing with the stresses of creating a family in different ways. Mike misses the old Molly and Molly just needs a bath tub of green beer!

Meanwhile, in a shocking twist Victoria kisses Harry who has been helping her study after she passes her test. Harry doesn’t take the intimate moment well and runs off. Later he throws rocks at Victoria’s window and decides to spill his guts. Unfortunately Harry is gay and felt nothing when Victoria kissed him. His coming out ends with the whole family hanging out of the windows of the house. Mike assures him there is no hard feelings.

After hearing too many of Molly’s sexual liaisons, the two go to Carl’s party where Samuel is desperate for the presence of women, even if they are “sk*nks”. By the end of the night the only females to darken their doorstep is Molly and Victoria, as well as Harry who seems content. Carl reassures him that he’s going to enjoy the St. Patty’s Day party more than anybody.