Bones Season 8 Review “The Doom in the Gloom” – Is Sweets Ready to Leave the Nest?

Bones Season 8 Episode 19 The Doom in the Gloom

In this episode of Bones, called “The Doom in the Gloom,” the team looks into the death of a woman part of a doomsday prepper group and Sweets announces that he’s ready to move out.

Case, shmase, there is only one thing I’m going to talk about in this review and that is the fact that Sweets actually moved out of Booth and Brennan’s house. Much like they, I seriously had my doubts that he would do it. After all, he had found places before and not done it, but I guess he was ready this time because, yep, he actually did it.

This is definitely a bitter-sweet (or bitter-Sweets as the case may be) for me as a fan. Do I want Sweets to be over his sadness and ready to move on with his life? Of course I do. But I was enjoying the heck out of watching them all interacting like a family. Brennan may miss his free childcare and Booth may miss his DVD collection, but I’m just going to miss seeing all of them gathered around the kitchen or living room to discuss their latest case, Sweets playing with Christine, and all the other many things they got to do together.

I liked that, though they knew they were going to miss him, Booth and Brennan were ready to toss him out this time. Even I have to admit that it was probably high time he got out of there and it was cool to see that they were willing to do whatever it took to help him out. Also, I found it hilarious that his new shrink-y neighbors are in fact a bunch of beautiful women. Something tells me that man is going to be just fine, even if I’m not quite there yet. Sigh.

My favorite bits..

Sweets and Booth watching a karate movie, while Brennan (of course) argued the film’s inaccuracies.

Brennan asking Sweets to give her his blueberry recipe before he moved out.

Sweets saying that he was going to miss Christine. Aw.

“I’m going to miss the free child-care.”
“I hope he doesn’t take all of his DVDs.”

“Oh, God I hate the toasted ones.”
“And I prefer them with heads.” – And I agree with both sentiments.

Head in the toilet? Ew.

“Dr. Brennan, may I ask you a personal question.”
“Yes, but I may not answer.”

Brennan admitting that Sweets was the only person that she, Christine and Booth liked the same amount. Aw.

“Like a bird, not a turd. Don’t call him a turd.”

Booth and Brennan looking sad that Sweets was actually planning on moving out.

Cam’s “Really?” when she saw Hodgins with his flamethrower.

Sweets pointing out to Carlene that if she had called Deanna that many times, her friend knew she wanted to apologize.

Their victim was hit with a cannon ball? Wild.

“Are you thinking some terribly complicated suicide attempt?”
“I’m thinking accident, but I like your flair for the dramatic.”

Daisy pointing out to Hodgins that no one liked sleeping alone.

Booth calling Sweets’ pomegranate juice, “shrink juice.” Ha!

Not being able to stop laughing at the sight of Hodgins loading that cannon. He really does love his work.

Okay, even I have to admit that cannon shot was very cool.

“That was actually awesome.”
“Totally. He must never know.” – Haha! Exactly how I felt.

Sweets continuously calling the survivalists “whack jobs.”

Booth looks mighty fine in his SWAT gear. Just sayin’.

“I came to you with good news, now I’m just depressed.”

Daisy telling Sweets that she admired him for knowing that he needed time to collect himself and that he moved in with people who loved him. Aw.

Daisy and Sweets going right back to work after their little “moment.” Hilarious.

Angela’s cartoon version of Hodgins. Adorbs!

Booth’s “That’s never gonna happen” when Hodgins suggested that he could help Booth in the field.

Booth getting slimed was classic, but didn’t “You Can’t Do That on Television” go off the air, like, years ago?

“You know what, you say anything and I will stab you with my pen.”

Brennan setting a woman’s hands on fire. That was a new one.

Booth pointing out that the beginning of Brennan’s speech made it sound like she was never happy.

Sweets’ new neighbors assuming that Booth and Brennan were his parents.

“Apparently you’re hot…dad.”

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Are you happy that Sweets has moved out or are you going to miss him living with Booth and Brennan.

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  • Someone knows the name of the ending song. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • simon says

      the song playing while she reads the letter at the end? that’s “Freight Train” by Sara Jackson-Holman. at least that’s what my internet research told me.

      • Thank you! I think it’s it. Haven’t played the song but the lyric is correct.

  • simon says

    they were watching a kung fu movie, not karate! very different!

    and when booth and brennan said that sweets won’t move out. i read that more as hope than doubt. i agree with you. i will miss that whole living situation. i braought them all closer together and gave us the opportunity to see a little more sweets.

    and hogins behaving like a child is always fun to watch. but i like it a little better when he has someone to play with.

    but what about angela? wasn’t she unhappy working there? she cut back on her hours, right? but does that resolve the issue? she seemed pretty happy to me. i hoped there would be more to that storyline. but the result would be no angela and no one wants that. so i guess it’s fine.

  • WTBA

    Did anyone else notice Sweets’ new roommates were named Janet and Chrissy, like Three’s Company?