Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Two for Tina”

“Two for Tina” took the all the standard school dance tropes and put a little Bob’s Burgers spin on them when Tina became an object of desire for both Jimmy Jr. and her grocery store love, Josh.

I tend to really enjoy the Tina centered stories because I love the way Tina’s character is treated on the show. She’s shy, awkward, and a little slow on the pick up, but she’s also got an incredible sense of self worth that’s been fostered by her family’s unwavering love and support. She may have been nervous about asking Jimmy Jr. to the dance, but her anxiety had nothing to do with low self-esteem and everything to do with execution and results.

Tina relished Jimmy Jr. and Josh’s battle over her, but her joy was subtle and subdued. I loved her muttering which encouraged the boys to continue their attempts to woo her, and her little smirks which revealed just how pleased she was with how the entire scenario was playing out.

The culmination of Jimmy Jr. and Josh’s battle for Tina’s affection came in the form of an intense dance-off at Josh’s school, courtesy of Gene and Louise’s meddling. The moment a school dance was mentioned at the start of the episode, I had been looking forward to seeing some more of Jimmy Jr.’s dance moves, so needless to say, this scene did not disappoint (who could have ever guessed that Jimmy Jr. had aerial arts skills!?)

In all my time watching Bob’s Burgers, the only time I’ve ever felt even a little embarrassed for Tina was tonight when she attempted diplomatic negotiations between Jimmy Jr. and Josh. Her three-way make out wheel suggestion could have been a line right out of one of her fantasy friend fictions and she immediately realized her folly, admitting that she “got greedy and grabby.”

While Tina, Gene, and Louise were enjoying their time at another school’s dance, Linda and Bob were chaperoning the dance at the kid’s school. After the family discovered that Bob had been jilted at his first school dance, Linda took it upon herself to give Bob a second chance to experience what he missed out on at all the school dances he avoided in his youth.

As cliched as Bob and Linda’s story was, I wasn’t expecting Linda’s emotional meltdown over Bob finding one of the teachers attractive. Initially, I was a little bit frustrated because that kind of reaction seemed so incredibly out of character for Linda who had dealt with much worse offenses in the past with a little chuckle and a smart mouthed comeback. After just a little bit of confusion and frustration, Bob put the pieces together and realized that Linda was putting on an act for his sake and once I caught up, I really loved that Bob figured out what was going on with Linda before I was able to. That little moment revealed how special Bob and Linda’s relationship is and as their night of schnapps drinking progressed, we saw their genuine friendship and affection for one another take form.

There wasn’t much that was surprising or particularly inventive about the plot lines in this week’s Bob’s Burgers, but the Belchers have always had a way of making the ordinary seem amusing, and they did just that in “Two for Tina.”