Nikita Season 3 Review “The Life We’ve Chosen”

Oh dear. The slippery slope Ryan has been standing above throughout this season on Nikita has finally be slid down in this week’s episode, ‘The Life We’ve Chosen’. Division are bending more and more rules in the name of the mission, and here we see the return of kill chips in the effort to rescue Alex from Amanda’s clutches.

The gang still have Ari, the man who apparently doesn’t just the password to the black box but is the password, and they’re willing to trade him for Alex so long as they get him back soon afterwards. Of course, this is nigh on impossible, and Ryan implements a plan B just in case things go awry. His big mistake was not telling Nikita about his plans, but insisting that Owen go along as the undercover trigger man instead. The team are fracturing already, but these undercover missions within undercover missions are surely going to cause an all-out war between members of the same team.

Even Alex doubts Nikita’s allegiances, and Amanda makes sure to plant strategic seeds of doubt in her mind before she’s eventually rescued. With Alex disillusioned, Michael out of action and Ryan seemingly always working his own angle, how can they actually accomplish anything? The mission this week was a bit of a shambles and, although they managed to save Alex and retrieve the black box, it wasn’t in the way that any of them had hoped. According to Ryan, a win is still a win, but losing a life in the process has never been how Nikita defines success.

Alex’s story was interesting this week because she had to face up to her past for the first time in ages. Her medic at Amanda’s turned out to be a fan of sorts, telling her that her daughter had followed the story and claimed Alex’s life as her favourite fairytale. Poor Alex – she could have been that girl but chose to stay with Nikita and Division instead. How will she feel that that she’s started distrusting her mentor? And will Sean take this opportunity to have her all to himself? It’s certainly a dangerous relationship while Sean is so disillusioned with Division.

What did you think of the episode? Did you find Ari’s death sad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.