Grimm Season 2 Review “Natural Born Wesen”

After Nick drank the nasty potion last week and collapsed, I thought for sure that we’d seen the end of the Juliette and Renard relationship. Not quite yet. Juliette and Renard drink their own brew and wait for the effects to take hold. Renard seems like business as usual and tells Nick that the feelings for Juliette are lessening. Juliette, on the other hand, is on some kind of trip to crazyland. It makes sense that they would have different reactions since Renard is magical, for lack of a better word, and she is merely human. But, it’s unclear when they’re finally going to close the door on this unsettling relationship.

When Juliette goes into her house, she nearly walks into a giant sink hole in the middle of her living room. Terrified, she cowers on her staircase overnight. At various points there are sparks of light that float around the hole, but their significance is unclear. It reminded me of the synapses of the brain firing; perhaps this is the process of her memories returning. When she drops her cell phone into the hole and hears it ring, she makes the sleep deprived decision to go into the hole after it. Luckily, with each step she takes, the wood floor appears beneath her feet until the hole disappears. This was an interesting visual effect and its reappearance at the end of the episode was intriguing.

Speaking of effects, has anyone else noticed how much better the Wesen are looking these days? In the beginning of the show, the transitions to beast form were pretty cheesy. I still liked them, of course. But now, they look far more convincing and detailed. The Wesen were in full force in this episode. It was great to see Monroe investigate the bank robbers at the Wesen bar. It made me think back to the old Monroe who didn’t like leaving his house and was hesitant to get involved. Monroe has come a long way.

Nick has his key back and decides that the best place to keep the key is around his neck. I’m not sure how secure this really is. How many times have we seen someone get pinned down and a necklace ripped from her neck. That has to be in Nick’s future. He’ll get in some epic fight, the person will notice the necklace and then Nick will be out of luck. Maybe he’s counting on his ever-improving super hero powers to save him. Nick’s has some impressive fighting skills, as demonstrated in his fight with the bankrobbers.

What do folks think about an alliance between Renard and Nick? I still don’t trust Renard. We don’t really know what his endgame is. I don’t think he’ll do anything against Nick in the immediate future, but long term may be a different story.

We were introduced to the Wesen Council, which has potential for future drama. It’s unclear if they will do anything more with this, but it does provide a good opportunity to give Rosalee an interesting storyline via her involvement with the Council.

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