‘Sherlock’ Duo Will Be Back For More


News of filming for season three of Sherlock, the acclaimed BBC series that stars much-in-demand actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the lead roles, was recently announced. And now, thanks to the folks over at Collider – via an interview that Cumberbatch had with RadioTimes – shared that the actors will, indeed, be back for another season of the popular mini-series.

Here is what the actor had to share:

“We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that. All I know at the moment is I’m doing these three [episodes of the upcoming series] and another three.”

The report further went on to share that Cumberbatch would “love to see the show even go beyond season four, but it all depends on the
schedules of the very busy actors as well as co-creator Steven Moffat, who is also running ‘Doctor Who'”.

As movie goers know, Cumberbatch will appear in the latest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ flick that will be out later this year as well as a role in ‘The Hobbit’ franchise, which, of course, also stars his ‘Sherlock’ co-star Freeman.

Season three of ‘Sherlock’ is set to begin filming next week and the three new installments are expected to air on BBC One in the U.K. this winter. Plans are still up in the air on when ‘Sherlock’ will air here in the States on PBS, though.