Justified Season 4 Review “Get Drew”

Last night’s Justified brought in all of the elements that make the show great: witty one-liners, Boyd/Raylan banter, gun brandishing, and the good guys outwitting the bad guys. Drew Thompson’s days of hiding in Harlan came to an end, and now the real battle starts for who will claim the prize.

Thompson, formerly known as Sheriff Shelby, figured out that it was time for him to get out of town. He tells a distraught Ellen May that he can’t take her with him, but changes his mind after seeing a stray dog on the road. Not the most flattering analogy, but also not that far off in terms of pathetic-ness. Thompson plans to flee either by air or land, but quickly discovers that neither will be possible. Rather than face the possibility of being turned over to Theo Tonin, Thompson decides to give himself up to law enforcement. Ellen May is dead set against this plan, so Thompson agrees to go into hiding with her. Thompson really should have known better. Ellen May is hardly the brightest bulb, and the person you would least want to take advice from.

The hunt for Thompson is where some of the best dialogue of the episode comes in. Boyd and Raylan reunite after Raylan arrests Boyd for breaking into Thompson’s house. As he sits in the cuffs, Boyd chides Raylan for not coming to the dark side. He assures him, “Oh, you’d still be able to shoot people and be an asshole. Your two favorite activities.” This is the kind of repartee that has been mostly absent this season. Next season, we need to get Boyd and Raylan together more often. They are two sides of a dirty coin and watching them go at each other is always entertaining.

We also got a lot more U.S. Marshal face-time in this episode. Rachel joins Raylan in the search for Thompson. Rachel has hardly been around this season, so it was good to see more of her (and her comment about the “whore’s underwear” was fantastic). We also got a classic rant from Art. His dialogue is some of the funniest of all the characters. This time, he reminds Raylan that Thompson is actually pretty impressive as far as criminals go; he shot a man, tossed another out of a plane, landed with a bunch of cocaine and money, road around with Raylan while Raylan hunted him, and ran off with a whore half his age. Art exclaims, “That’s some bad ass shit.” This was pretty funny. We’ve seen Sheriff Shelby as a largely mild-mannered, grandfatherly, no-nonsense kind of man, so to hear the list of his crimes is a nice reminder that his alter ego Thompson is a wily criminal.

Thompson doesn’t turn out to be all that bad ass, though, and makes a big mistake listening to Ellen May. Where do they go for protection? Limehouse – our machete wielding butcher from last season. This was a surprising twist. Even more surprising was the reunion between Ava and Ellen May. Ava looks shocked and horrified as Ellen May enthusiastically throws her arms around her. Ava seems to finally get that Ellen May is a simpleton, but a loyal one. When Boyd shows up, the stakes get higher as he tries to purchase Ellen May and Thompson from Limehouse. Limehouse changes the deal and tells Boyd he has to choose who to take. Ava urges him to take Thompson so that they can get the bounty from Tonin. The Limehouse character is a strong one, and his bravado is definitely intimidating. Waving around the bloody machete is overkill, though. Also, does he ever leave the barn area?

Alas, things don’t go so well for Boyd, and he is betrayed by his cousin. Raylan and Rachel learn of the drop spot where Tonin’s men will pick up Thompson. Naturally, the Marshals get there first. If Boyd is unable to get Thompson to Tonin, he will be majorly screwed. No bounty, no savings, no future in the suburbs. Raylan looks like the cat who ate the canary as he loads Thompson into the Marshal’s truck. It’s great to see Raylan win, but you know when he’s too smug about something, he’s going to come down a peg or two.

It looks like everything is going to hell in next week’s episode. It’ll be an epic battle for Raylan to get Thompson out of Harlan. Except, I’m already wondering why they couldn’t just get a helicopter for him.

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