Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Fae-ge Against the Machine”

On the latest episode of “Lost Girl,” the preparations for battle continued in the awesomely-titled “Fae-ge Against the Machine.” Bo is having to do some wacky stuff to prepare for this “Dawning” business, like catch lucky crickets- what is she, Pinocchio? Oh, but it got even weirder, as she set off this bizarro steam-punk-looking machine and a game began, which she wasn’t even around to play. Instead, Trick had to play for her, being the closest living relative and all.

But in the real world, she actually was playing the game in a way- a very, very strange way, to be sure. After she and Tamsin get in a bar fight, before which the latter told the former that she was being lied to by her friends as to how hard the “Dawning” was going to be, they are saved by Balzac, who turns out to be a Spriggan, who don’t do anything unless they have something to gain from it. In this case, it’s to help him find his beloved Hanna and a so-called “cookie.”

First, they hit a secret lair occupied by a guy named Fang, who apparently is the Tong Boss, according to Tamsin. At this point, we start to realize that something is going on with Bo, who loses her mojo for a bit and is struck senseless, by what turns out to be Trick’s decisions on her behalf in the game back at the bar. So basically, kind of like Jumangi or Zathura,” only with someone else making moves for you instead of doing it yourself.

After defeating and collecting the “cookie” from Fang, the three travel to their next destination, a trailer park that gives the Fat Trout a run for its money in the weirdness department, where Hannah is being held. First, Bo has her tarot cards read, the results of which freak out everyone but Bo, who has no idea what “The Traveler” is. Neither do I, and I read Tarot cards, myself. Guess what? It’s not one of the cards. So, who knows what that means?

Bo gets into the park in question, called Brazenwood, and there is some mighty freaky stuff going down there, not the least of which is the fact that they are harvesting fae Hannah’s tears- shades of City of Lost Children– as a drug. The man holding Hannah captive is Whitman, and Bo has to have a stand-off, spaghetti Western style, with only a knife to work with against the gun-sporting man. Oh, and did I mention he can split himself into two, or project images of himself or whatever that is he was doing? Well, he does.

Bo defeats him and gets a surprising kiss from Tamsin, which is never really addressed later on. Ditto the fact that the gay Lauren seemed awfully into Dr. Taft. It seems to be connected to Trick and Bo’s trainer Stella getting their make-out on and brushing up against the machine in the process. But is Tamsin one of the good ones, as Bo suggests, or is she merely up to something? We did see her reporting to Morrigan, after all. And what was up with the raining of Bo’s Tarot card all over her at the end?

This was a solid episode in terms of originality in particular. There was a lot of fae lore going on here, a lot of intriguing details about the various types of fae and fae-subculture and the like. Who knew the fae had a trailer park?

Overall, I liked it, although there was no Kenzi, which is never a good thing, and the whole thing was so strange, I thought I’d nodded off a bit and dreamed some of it. Not that I’m complaining: I like weird.

What did you think of “Lost Girl” this week? Are you looking forward to the “Dawning” thing? What else do you think Bo has in store that’s yet to come? What was up with Tamsin? And how about Dr. Lauren going out with Dr. Taft? What are your theories on “The Wanderer” thing? Let me know in the comments!

  • simon says

    ok, so first things first. it was better to read than last week. so i think it was a step in the right direction. but i still feel like your trying to recount the events a little too much. but maybe that’s how you approach an episode. ok, now i feel like your teacher…

    anyway, the episode… i was excited when i read that andy mikita directed this one. i haven’t seen his name since stargate. and i really enjoyed the episode that followed. mikita did a very good job.

    as you said, it was weird but good weird. at some points it was ridiculous and didn’t make much sense but it was presented in such a fun way. it didn’t even try to be serious. the episode was structured like a video game with different levels and i had fun playing. and i must say, tamsin is growing on me, although it was a very susicious that she went with bo and her explanation didn’t convince me at all.

    i looked up the wanderer and there is a lot of music, literature, and films. so it could be a reference to any one of those. but my guess would be that it means that bo has a special role to play in the fae-uture. maybe she is supposed to unify the light and dark as part of a prophecy. wait… that was ‘the nine lives of chloe king’. and this isn’t star wars either. so it could just mean that bo is the love of tamsin’s life…or maybe not.

    i was wondering what that mashine did when trick and stella were touching it while making out. that could explain it. was it at the same time tamsin kissed bo? i can’t remember.

    so, i hope the dawning will be equally as much fun.

    • Mark Trammell

      Hey, it’s a learning process for me, too, so don’t worry about making suggestions. I think looking back, I was clearly TRYING to head in a new direction but wasn’t quaite brave enough to abandon the old approach altogether. I think I achieved that much better in my other articles so far this week, especially “Client List” (don’t judge me!), likely because I was reviewing that one for the first time, so there was no established approach there.
      I didn’t like Tamsin at first, either, but once I realized who she was- she used to be on a show I watched called “Birds of Prey”- she grew on me. I think that she was tasked with getting into Bo’s inner circle to keep tabs on her & her peeps, but that she’s growing attached to them. I think she will ultimately come down on the Bo side of things, though.

      Not sure if she and Tamsin are destined to be or whatever- I think it was connected to that machine, like I mentioned in the article. But that is certainly a direction they could head in, especially since it seems to have affected Lauren, too, even potentially making her bi! Or she could have just been drunk and wanting to blow off steam. Until she actually sleeps with a guy, I’m not sure if that part of it is true or not, but the manchine definitely had something to do with the Bo/Tamsin kiss thing- that I am convinced of.

      Ha! The nine Lives of chloe King! I used to watch that, too! (Read the books as well.)

      High hopes for the “Dawning” thing. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but a similar plotline is going down on “Supernatural” with one of the Winchester brothers being “tested” in an attempt to close the Gates of Hell for good if he’s able to pass a series of trials. It will be interesting to see how both pan out, though I’m sure it’s a coincedence that the plotlines parallel one another, what with them airing at the same time & all.

      Thanks again for your comments and feel free to keep me posted on how I’m doing!

  • Joni

    I really do think that the whole Tamsin kissing Bo, Lauren going with Dr. Whatshisface, was a big shocker. It messed me up man, but I think it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
    (No long responses for this one, sorry)