Being Human Season 3 Review “Of Mice & Wolfmen”

Quite the interesting episode of “Being Human” this week, with things headed in decidedly unexpected directions all around, on “Of Mice & Wolfmen.” Had those developments been dubious, I might have had trouble with them, but I actually liked the big twists this week, as shark-jump risky as some of them are. And let’s face it, things could have gone a lot worse.

Of course, the big question was: what would be Aidan’s fate? I mean, you know they’re not going to kill him off, right? Or would they go there? They did not and in the immediate aftermath, it first felt like a cheat; but then as everything began to sink in, and you realized the bigger implications of it all, it proved to be kind of a genius solution to that particular cliffhanger on a lot of levels.

So Aidan basically looks all but a goner, then bam! He’s miraculously cured overnight! What the what? Turns out, ironically enough, it was the double dose of werewolf blood he got from Erin & Josh that saved his life; which, of course, means that werewolf blood is the cure to the vampire virus. No one knew because the two don’t associate much and vampires avoid drinking their blood like…well, the plague, as it has a deathly effect on them.

To make matters even more interesting, Aidan tells Blake, as a means of protecting Nora & Josh and keeping her away from Kenny, who tried to recruit her to turn him after he found out Aidan had the virus and that it wasn’t going to happen with him, or so Kenny thought. Aidan basically knows that once the info gets out, it will be open season on werewolves, and that will certainly help in the immediate fight against Liam, who will be loaded for bear- or vamp, at least- when he finds out.

No harm in thinning out the herd a bit, I guess, but once word gets out, this could start an “Underworld”-style vamps vs. wolves showdown, which could be cool. And I love that it was Liam’s dick move with Erin that is basically gonna be his downfall. That’s what you get when you kill one of your own…it comes back to bite you. In this case, that might be literally.

Meanwhile, in an equally exciting and even more warped development, we saw Sally go the same route as her kitty-pouncing, back-from-the-dead pal Nick and starting to gulp down live animals- in her case, a mouse. Poor Mickey! I didn’t much care for the way she was eying those poor bunnies and guinea pigs, either. I thought we might have another “V” on our hands.

But, as if that wasn’t wacky enough, she started checking out a group of kids! Between that and the scene with Nick’s girlfriend describing his odd behavior, I couldn’t help but remember those old cartoons where a character would get super-hungry around a friend or what have you and then they would start seeing them as, like, a turkey leg or a chicken or what have you. It was kind of perversely funny, to say the least, but also kinda creepy, too.

With the whole rotting thing- and the brilliant, if gross, bit with the toothbrush- I found myself thinking of that old movie “Death Becomes Her,” where Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep take plastic surgery to a whole new level that’s totally warped, but also kind of funny in a really dark way, too. By the time Nick starts chowing down on his lady-friend, I was completely on board. Cannibalism, what? I’m so in, especially when I saw Stevie looking all zombie-eyed and teeth-gnashing in next week’s preview.

Nice to see Nora come around on Aidan finally, and to make a friend with the forward-thinking Pete, a sort-of free-spirited traveling werewolf that was into meditation and making peace with your inner-wolf and what have you. It certainly seemed to help center Josh, who has always rejected the wolf thing. If he can’t control it, that might bode well for his & Nora’s long-term future.

I also liked that Nora sort gave Aidan her blessing to date Kat. I mean, he’s eventually going to have to tell her what he is, right? That could make for some interesting drama. Loved Josh’s reaction to it, too: “May I ask what inspired you to invite one of our only muggle friends over during this particularly supernatural time?”

I also finally spotted the elusive Katherine Isabelle as- drum roll, please- Aidan’s wife from his pre-and-early vampire days. She had been listed on the page for some time, but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me who she played. Now I know. It was interesting seeing Aidan’s wife’s reactions to his vampire state- she saw it as an act of God, not the Devil himself. Always nice to see Isabelle, too, as I’m a fan of hers from the excellent “Ginger Snaps,” in which she plays…wait for it…a werewolf! See how it all ties back in?

So, great stuff all around. It was definitely a brave, intriguing, and in the case of Sally, demented route to take, but I like it overall. In the short term, the Aidan thing seemed awfully abrupt, especially what with Aidan looking on the brink of death at one point, then literally bouncing back after a commercial break, as if nothing had happened on the first place. I was like, what? Did I miss something? Is this just a dream?

But no, it was just a pretty sweet plot twist in disguise. Go figure. Nice going, “Being Human.” Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see Sally go all zombie on us, and maybe like, chow down on a purse dog or something. Yo quiero Taco Bell, indeed. Just stay away from the bunnies! Or I’ll send General Woundwort after you, Sally, and you don’t want that.

What did you think of “Being Human” this week? Did you like the big twists? How do you think Sally’s gonna keep from making a Happy Meal out of some toddlers? Will the witch come into play? Do you think the season will end on an all-out war between the werewolves and vampires? Spout your crazy theories below in the comments!