Revenge Season 2 Review “Retribution” – Back to Business

Revenge Season 2 Episode 15 Retribution (2)
As expected, the death of the fake Amanda pushed Emily back on course in “Retribution,” this week’s episode of Revenge, but is it too late for her…and by extension, the show itself? When she threw her laptop into the Atlantic, it felt like she she was trying to strip off all the unnecessary plot threads that have weighed this sophomore season down, yet I have to wonder if that’s even possible at this point.

Because even as Emily is refocusing on destroying the Graysons through their children, everything else is still going on around her. Blessedly, the seedy wharf brothers plot seems to have come to end with boat explosion, but there’s still another brother out there. The Initiative is still trying to manipulate Daniel into taking the fall for their next heinous plot. Nolan is still dealing with having to exchange a computer program with the ability to destroy the world in exchange for the life of a man he’s never met. All of these cards are still in play, some of them without Emily’s knowledge, and it seems unlikely that the show can get back to its strengths, namely Emily’s weekly quest to chip away at the Graysons’ pedestal until they fall.

And now we have another person out to get the Graysons. Having survived being shot, Jack woke up only to learn about the death of his wife. Somehow, instead of killing him, that bullet completely changed his character. He not only immediately realized that Conrad’s “support” was just a way to gauge what he knew about Amanda’s blackmail, but he had the good sense to play dumb and keep his enemies close. Unfortunately this also meant that he got a look at Amanda’s stuff and figured out that she and Emily were much closer than just good friends. He still doesn’t know that Emily is the real Amanda, but he knows enough to be really angry at her, and not include her on his own quest for vengeance.

On top of all that, Emily now has to worry about a former foster brother who Charlotte tracked down in her preparations for Amanda’s funeral. He showed up at Amanda’s grave, claiming she had burned his house down. I’m sure we’re in for some flashbacks next week, but will this man be the one to expose Emily’s true identity? Doubtful, but it will still be interesting to see what happens. Even with all the craziness and randomness and wayward paths, I’m still invested in these characters and this story.

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