House of Lies Season 2 Review “Wonders of the World”

On this week’s “House of Lies,” we got to see the “Wonders of the World,” which included a trip to Vegas and to a sex toy shop and the factory that makes them. The pod met in the aforementioned shop sans Marty, who was still recovering from last week’s ugly incident with the cops and looking pretty worse for the wear. There, we met Nate Wyatt, who had inherited the family business at an early age and was looking to increase awareness of the fineness of his product.

It was fun seeing the erstwhile Seth Cohen, aka Adam Brody, as the man in question. He and Kristen Bell had an easy chemistry, which made for a nice rebound for Jeannie after the whole fiancé debacle. Of course, this being Jeannie, things started off on the snarky foot, as she balked at Nate’s “green” practices at the factory, where he took the gang on a tour: “Who wants a carbon footprint up the vagoo, you know?” (Can’t say I’ve heard the term “vagoo” before!)

At the end of the tour, Nate pulls Jeannie aside and asks her about the massive stick up her nethers:
“Stick up her ass would be a very good product for you guys,” she shoots back. “It would,” Nate agrees. “Can I use your scowling face for the packaging?” LOL.

Meanwhile, Marty is having to deal with the fallout from his unfortunate run-in with the cops. Malcolm, his brother, is gung ho about sharing his experience with the media and getting his story out there, but Marty ain’t having it. I liked Larenz Tate’s carefully modified work here, as he straddled the line between wanting to help and exploit his brother for his own devices.

Speaking of devices- sorry, couldn’t resist- the gang is racking their brains, trying to come up with ideas for Nate’s company to no avail. Doug thinks they should pitch a sort of “Build a Bear”-type approach, in which guys get molds of themselves to give to their girlfriends/husbands to use while they’re not around. He can’t resist talking up the effect his has on his GF: “It’s unique proportions make it quite habit-forming.” Clyde, of course, balks: “Jeannie, tell Doug that his penis is not Fritos.” Understandably, Jeannie is hung up on details: “I’m stuck on ‘unique proportions.’ Can you elaborate?”

Jeannie gets her chance to investigate some unique proportions alright, when a care package arrives from Nate, who feels she needs to try out some of his product. Not since “9 ½ Weeks” has the workplace been so spicy! Is it me, or could that have gone a scootch further? Probably me. Sorry, it’s a Kristen Bell thing.

Jeannie’s indeed impressed, enough so, in fact that she goes back with Nate to his place, confessing that the reason she was on the bitch tip was that she’d gotten a particularly nasty wedding invitation from her ex, who decidedly did not take the high road, labeling the invite with some pretty nasty comments, starting with who it was addressed to, none of which can be repeated here, I’m guessing.

It was undeniably funny in a warped way, if more than a little bitchy- though, who can blame the guy, really? Jeannie did not do him right outside of the bedroom, but she does Nate in the kitchen and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he wasn’t complaining, though we didn’t see him again for the rest of the episode.

Marty is less than enthused when he gets home to see a bunch of media types in his living room, looking to “tell his story,” courtesy of his brother. “I need you to stop occupying my couch right f**king now,” says he. His dad rightfully tells him Malcolm means well and was just trying to make a connection in his own way, but Marty isn’t having it, nor Jeremiah’s claims that Marty needs to straighten up his act sooner than later.

Marty is saved by the bell when Tamara rings him up from Vegas, with wacko Carlson demanding he come up there to discuss some issues with the acquisitions department. He begrudgingly does, but you can tell he isn’t thrilled about the prospect. He and the pod meet at the airport, where the guys notice the clear change in Jeannie’s demeanor, chalking it up to Nate.

Clyde for one is thrilled that Jeannie is back on her game, lamenting the long, dry spell she was coming off of, post-fiancée: “It was a dark, dark time- budding young hoes with no one to look up to.” Jeannie fires right back: “And that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? Inspiring the next generation. Thanks for reminding me.” Ah Jeannie, good to have you back in fighting form.

Was it me, or did Marty seem a bit hurt when he talked to Jeannie about Nate, confirming that the two were an item? I think he was sweet on her after all. He doesn’t waste much time moving on to his old flame Tamara, though, after the Carlson issue turns out to be a non-starter and a complete waste of time.

Some fun stuff here and there, particularly early on with the sex toy stuff- although that stuff was obviously an easy target. I liked seeing Brody again, and he fully inhabited his role with verve and enthusiasm that bodes well for his future on the show, should he have one. The scene with Marty breaking the news of what happened to him with the cops was a heartbreaker, too. Roscoe’s absolutely right- that sort of thing could easily happen to him, and honestly, given how flamboyant he is, I’m surprised it hasn’t. Hopefully it won’t, but I’m not so sure.

All in all, a decent episode, though kind of a transitory one. It was weird that we didn’t get to see Tamara’s reaction to Marty’s state, and there wasn’t a lot of forward momentum on the cop showdown, which I thought for sure Marty would use to his advantage in the media to help smooth over the events of last week. Maybe next week.

What did you think of “House of Lies” this week? Did you like seeing Adam Brody again, too? Do you like Nate for Jeannie? How about Tamara for Marty? Do you worry for Roscoe’s well-being? Are you glad that he’s finally coming back home to Marty? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!