Family Guy Season 11 Review “Call Girl”

On the latest episode of “Family Guy,” entitled “Call Girl,” someone actually takes a liking to Lois’ voice for once, and wants to hire her to do voice-over work. Thinking she’s on the fast track to easy money, Lois is thrilled, showing up with visions of stars in her eyes: “I can’t believe I’m a celebrity now. I might hit someone with my car on the way home, just for kicks.”

Now just hold there, LiLo, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Turns out the guy wants her for his phone sex line, which is a little frightening. I mean, I’ve never used one before, but I think if I called one and someone that sounded like Lois answered, I never would again. Yikes!

Still, the money’s good, so Lois takes the job anyway, envisioning at least a new set of pots and pans. Salesman: “This is a very nice set- you must be a phone whore!” Lois: “You bet your sweet ass I am!” LOL.

Ironically, Peter is feeling a bit neglected, as the last thing Lois wants to do after talk about sex all day is have it, so Peter seeks solace in, you guessed it: phone sex. After all, “Phonin’ ain’t bonin’!” Adopting the fake name of Peter Night Shyamalan because “I got a big twist at the end of my thing,” he falls for the girl on the other line, who is, of course, Lois.

They set up a meeting, with Lois planning on busting Peter in the act, but he charms her and they sleep together before she confesses who she is. Peter begs forgiveness, saying that “Both my heart and my wiener somehow knew you were my soul mate.” She lets him off the hook because the sex is “like our privates were shaking hands after a successful business meeting in a swamp.” Um, ew.

Some great stuff here, including the hilarious bits with Peter and his pet falcon, Xerxes, which he gets after a “superbird”- or at least “an average bird who bought a Bowflex”- attacks Chris’ birdhouse and slaughters all the birds feeding there.

So, Peter becomes a “falconer” and the two become an awesome crime-fighting team on a sidecar-laden motorcycle, complete with a rad 80s-style theme song (“Peter and Sidecar Falcon”). Loved the shot of Peter, Xerxes, and the completely random addition of a T. Rex and Santa Claus as “The Right Stuff”-style astronauts. I would so watch that show.

Speaking of random, there was also the two live-action appearances of character actor Robert Loggia (Lost Highway)- “8 F**kin’ hours later”- and “anime” Peter: “Me make drive time to super fun clam with noble Quagmire and wheel-monster Joe. Go, force!” Not to mention the more- than-slightly-disturbing request of Stewie to engage in a “2-and-a-quarter way.” (Also loved the “Stewman Group”: “What is this? I don’t get it.” /“We don’t either.” LOL.)

However, my favorite lines were at the end, in this gut-busting exchange between Lois and Peter:
“I want you to do me so hard that we have to change churches.”
“I want to wreck you so bad you look like an exploded Hot Pocket.”
Love it!

So, a pretty good episode on the whole. The stuff I liked, I liked a lot, and it was certainly enough to recommend the episode on the whole. Maybe it wasn’t an all-time classic, but it was one of the more solid episodes this season.

What did you think of “Family Guy” this week? Would you totally watch “Peter and Sidecar Falcon”? Do you wish you could buy that theme song on iTunes? Would you talk sexy with Lois on a phone sex line? Just what would you have to do in bed to result in having to switch churches? Inquiring minds want to know, so hit me up in the comments section!