Community Season 4: Favorite Moments So Far

October 19 finally arrived in February and we’re officially in full swing into Community’s fourth season. There was a lot of anxiety and anticipation about what the fourth season of Community would bring with Dan Harmon no longer at the helm. Likewise, many fans and critics have spent much time contemplating whether or not the show has changed or is not as good without Harmon. I too shared those concerns, but I think it is time to move on.

I don’t say that easily, as I spent at least half of the third season of Boardwalk Empire mourning the loss of Michael Pitt from the show and blaming the decision to kill his character, Jimmy, for everything I disliked during the first part of the season. Although NBC has not made a decision on the show’s fate, the writers seem to have written this season with closure in mind. In the spirit of embracing the current season, I’ve come up with some of my favorite moments (so far):


From its debut in Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps, I’ve loved the song “Daybreak” and love it even more when someone randomly hums it on the show. I was thrilled to hear it make its debut in the current season shortly before Shirley discovered that Abed had left behind an escape tunnel and hidden it behind one of Pierce’s sandwich shop posters.


Delving deep inside Abed’s mind is always an entertaining experience. Although the Christmas episode remains my favorite, I really enjoyed the random Muppet Babies interlude in which we saw Abed make up his own Winger speech to save himself from permanently retreating to his “happy place.” Of course, it didn’t hurt that the speech was delivered by a Muppet Babies inspired Jeff Winger in a diaper.


At long last, we finally got a look at Pierce’s home. After hearing Troy speak of it in past seasons, I had hoped we’d finally get to see what it looked like. With it’s nearly 30 rooms and den of freaky sex swings, it was as strange as I’d imagined. As amused as I was by the image of Troy innocently sitting in the swing, it paled in comparison to the revelation that the normally prudish Shirley knew so much about it.


As a viewer, I too share Abed’s concerns about the ramifications of relationships on a beloved buddy duo. I worried when Juliet and Shawn finally started dating on Psych and I worried when it was revealed that Troy and Britta were officially dating. Instead of being a Yoko or a Minerva, Britta has proven herself to be an understanding, supportive girlfriend.


After years of touching on Jeff’s daddy issues, it was nice to finally meet his father (portrayed by James Brolin) and to see him finally confront his father about his absence. From the confrontation with William to Jeff’s surprise second Thanksgiving for his friends (and the Dean), it was nice to see Jeff less burdened by his daddy issues. I thought the writers did a great job of not letting the meeting between Jeff and William become too saccharine with Jeff’s dad trying to fake a heart attack and even trying to pull off a Winger speech.


No matter how you feel about this season of Community, you’ve got to have a few favorite moments. These are a few of mine. What are yours? Sound off below!