The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Arrow on the Doorpost”

After last week’s incredible episode “Clear”, I really wanted tonight’s installment “Arrow on the Doorpost” to keep that momentum going. We’ve only got three episodes left of The Walking Dead in season three, so I was really hoping for this episode to send the series in a positive direction towards a satisfying conclusion to the season. Unfortunately, this was a definite step back from last week, and a bit of a disappointment over all.

The majority of tonight’s installment revolved around a negotiation that Andrea brokered between The Governor and Rick. The idea of a Rick/Governor showdown sounds great on paper, but there were so many problems with these scenes that it made it very difficult to enjoy. First of all, The Governor seemed to be either playing dumb or had very selective memory tonight. “I could have killed all of you, but I chose not to” he boasts. Um, they actually killed a bunch of your dudes at the prison and you left all by yourself. Between the raid on Woodbury and on the prison, I would say that Rick’s group is actually ahead in total body count.

I also wasn’t quite sure why he kept playing innocent concerning Maggie and the jars full of heads. “I know what I did, and I know what you did.” Um…Rick may not be perfect, but he’s never tried to rape anybody or keep body parts as a trophy.

I did like hearing a little more about The Governor, especially the stuff about his wife, but this whole “negotiation” was just an exercise in futility. We know this whole season has been leading up to a big showdown between Rick and The Governor, and we know that they aren’t just going to communicate their differences and hug it out, so why do we have to see all of these negotiations when we know they won’t be successful? The Governor ends up giving Rick an ultimatum to either give up Michonne or die, but then he just reveals to Milton that he plans to kill Rick’s group anyway. So…we learned that The Governor wants to kill Rick and he wants to kill The Governor? Glad we got that sorted out…

Andrea was also pretty frustrating, as per usual. The lady needs to pick a side by now. Now she finds out that on top of all of the other terrible things she knows The Governor to have done, like keeping his daughter as a zombie pet and tending a zombie head aquarium, he’s also sexually assaulted her friend! And she still whines about not knowing what to do and she still goes back to Woodbury at the end of the episode! Honestly, if she catches a bullet next week I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

I did like seeing Caesar and Daryl get to know each other a little bit, as well as Hershel yucking it up with Milton. Character development has never exactly been a strong suit of The Walking Dead, especially for the minor characters, so I was glad to have seen this.

I didn’t even mention all of the stuff going on at the prison, mostly because none of it amounted to much. I’m glad to see Maggie and Glenn doing better as a couple, but I would have preferred them to just leave out the prison scenes altogether. Last week we had an episode with only four characters in it, and it was incredible! You don’t need to include every character in every episode if it doesn’t make sense, Walking Dead writers!

A little character development wasn’t enough to save tonight’s episode from being a disappointment for me, especially considering how great last week’s installment was. I’m hoping that the last few episodes wrap up this showdown in a satisfying way, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Random Thoughts:

– We got to see the detailed interior of The Impossibly Clean Hyundai this week! As you would probably guess, it was beautiful! Apparently there’s an ample supply of Armor All wipes in the zombie apocalypse.

– Remember back in the season one episode “Guts”, when everybody was so concerned to get zombie blood and guts anywhere near their skin or mouths? What happened to that?! Now they grab walkers with their bare hands and stab them through the head while keeping their mouths wide open the whole time!

– Were Maggie’s grimaces at the end of her sex scene supposed to be from pleasure or pain? I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to show that she was having unpleasant flashbacks to her experience with The Governor, or if she was just really enjoying herself.