The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “I Love Monkeys!”

The Amazing Race 2013 Season 22 Episode 4 I Love Monkeys (5)

After a short and uninteresting stop in New Zealand, Phil Keoghan let the teams know that the race was still on and they needed to get to the Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia.

In the first task, the teams had to give coconuts to monkeys and wait for the clue to drop out when the monkeys opened them. If you’ve ever watched a nature program or have any common sense, you wouldn’t seriously ask about these wild animals, “Can we hold them?” While these monkeys may not fear humans, they are definitely not pets as demonstrated by their large and scary teeth. The most important thing to remember about monkeys – don’t make eye contact. Joey should consider narrating monkey videos as a new career. Totally funny.

The detour presented two tasks – sandy bottom and fruity top. The sandy bottom task sounded really difficult. Almost all of the teams agreed and opted for fruity top. The fruity top was a colorful prayer offering that had to be assembled in a specific manner. As the teams struggled, the Indonesian women watching them laughed and laughed. It was pretty funny because you know the women could probably assemble those things in their sleep.

Nothing was better than when John and Jessica rolled into a guy’s backyard, knelt down next to him and started mimicking the work he was doing. It may actually have been one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on The Amazing Race, and I’d love to know how the cameramen didn’t bust up. The look on the man’s face as these strangers started messing with his stuff was beyond awesome. When they finally made it to the fruit stop, their bad luck continued and they could not get the offering right. Jessica must be a woman of immense patience. As they struggle, John offered the sage advice, “Instead of stressing out, let’s view this as an opportunity.” An opportunity for what?

The end result of the successful teams’ work was a gorgeous procession to a temple. This felt like something quintessentially Balinese. From here they were sent to a famous surfing beach. For a minute, I thought they were going to have them do some surfing which would have been pretty cool. Instead, they had another physically challenging task. It was easy to see how running up and down the stairs carrying a surfboard would have been exhausting. Though I appreciate team Roller Derby’s philosophy of no crying on The Amazing Race, I felt a ton of sympathy for Caroline when she asked Jen if she could cry for a minute. She cried, but she didn’t whine. Perfectly respectable.

The biggest surprise of the evening was that Dave and Connor finished first again. At the end of last week, it looked like they might have been ready to give up. It’s good to see Dave and Connor still trying. I was very happy that John and Jessica were eliminated. Well, I was happy John was eliminated. The look of exasperation on Phil’s face after talking to John said it all.

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